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Weekly PaxLair Meeting (RivenMyst Museum)

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PaxLair Weekly Meeting




"From the Beginning"


October 9th (Tuesday)


8:30 PM ET - Pre-meeting Gathering at Meeting Location

9:00 PM ET - Meeting

10:00 PM ET - Post-meeting activity - Call to Arms Discussion (Location: Sons of the Sea, Trinsic, Trammel - near the Trinsic Docks)


Location - RivenMyst Anniversary Museum, Trammel, Chesapeake (North of Minoc on the west shoreline)



The Meeting Hall (3rd Floor)

RivenMyst Anniversary Museum, north of Minoc, Trammel, Chesapeake




North of Minoc, Trammel on the Western Shoreline




Enter the Meeting Hall by the Teleporter between the "buildings"


The RivenMyst Anniversary Museum, contains one of the most marvelous collections of historical relics and information. It focuses on the periods in our history from the time the world was built to the latest anniversary periods.


It is an excellent opportunity for people to learn what once was and compare to what is now. Newcomers to the Realm are HIGHLY encouraged to visit this Museum.


We thank Queen Zen, museum curator, as our host.


Tuesday, Oct 23rd, 10 PM ET - Call to Arms discussion at Sons of the Sea, Trinsic, Trammel (Near the Docks).






Detailed information about the meeting is here. There are opportunities for introductions, announcements of events, and a weekly special guest.


PaxLair is a Statehood of 5 cities on Chesapeake.

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