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PaxOku City 4:40am:


Early in the morning hours a call for Guards swept the street. Only once was Guards called with a terrifying scream... Juno of the PaxOku City Honor Guard responded to the call. Quickly running towards the scream he only found silence and the lifeless corpse of City District Council Member Karlina. Karlina had just started her position only a few days ago as the District Councilwoman of the Oku Heights District.


Karlina herself was warned by many officials to not walk the streets alone. Her district is the main border of the Ninja and Ronin controlled areas North of PaxOku City. The district itself has been attacked a number of times.


The First suggestion was she was Assassinated by a Ninja or Ronin.


The Second suggestion was she was killed by a Thieves or Pirates.


After all she did die in the Village.


After some discussion Monks gathered to try to bring her back but, it was to late at that point. The investigation began. Her files were accessed at the City Council building. One thing is for certain she had made an early appointment with someone. It appears she was on her way out of the City Council building.


Nothing of much more importance besides her personal appointments for measurements for a dress and her hair to be done. Once we gather more information we will bring it to the public. As for now, Mayor Gareth is planning to put into effect a city wide curfew pending City Councils decision.



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This is grave news indeed. Although I did predict something like this was inevitable. I myself am sure this murder is due to the rising resistance of Ronin to the North. They have slowly but systematically been edging their way into the surrounding areas of PaxOku for weeks now.


I had assumed their High Lord, Daimyo Ikeda Okimoto would hold their advances in preparation for the upcoming battle between PaxOku and the Northern Territory....he did seem like an Honorable man. He may or may not have something to do with this attack directly, though it is hard to say at this point. Some Ronin and Ninja have been known to act on their own when the opportunity arrises.


Reports that Karlina had made an early appointment with someone is very suspicious, and certainly one could speculate as to if this meeting had direct ties with Okimoto himself.


I would propose the City Council meet to discuss this matter...(and several other City issues...collection of the taxes and such), at least before the confrontation of the Ronin next week.


Keep to the Shadows,

Lord Xavier Reed

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