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[News] PaxLair Begins Journey to Europa

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EUROPA - October 14, 2007

People from PaxLair and Chesapeake started their journey to Europa today meeting in New Haven, Vesper, and Yew. The purpose of the week-long visit is to meet new people and learn the ways of others, both evil and good.


They plan to visit the 9th Anniversary festivities of the Guardsmen Militia and base their visit operations out of the Vesper Town Hall Southwest of the Ironwood Inn, and South of the Minoc Moongate. The Town Hall has a rune book on the steps for many interesting locations on Europa. New Haven is also a staging point for training and assembly.


Governor Winfield also plans to hold the weekly PaxLair Statehood meeting at the Vesper Town Hall (Europa). The gathering time is 8:30 PM ET on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 (1:30 AM UK Time, Wednesday).


Governor Winfield formed a guild Pax_ on Europa for PaxLair citizens and friends. By the end of the evening, several people joined the guild to include Governor Winfield, Mayor NANOC of Dragons Watch, Deputy Mayor Phoenix of Dragons Watch, Minister of Quests Eric the Red, Museum Curator Katherine, Guild Leader Nexus of United Tamers of Britannia Chesapeake Chapter, Lord of Darkness The Shadow, Mayor Ga'kuct of PaxLair City, Virtue Knight Lissa Eldi, Citizen Thraxis Mithrax, Minister of Defense Crypt Keeper, and Chief Justice Kathleen. Several of these people are Emissaries of the Pax_ guild and may add more people to the guild. (More information about forming this guild and meeting with various people and guilds on Europa is on this discussion thread.)


The group from Chesapeake met with Lord Kain Twothumb [-V-] (Governor of Vesper), Tae'nu Ver [-V-] (Militia Partisan), and Thaur Macil [-V-] (Militia Partisan) of Vesper.



Vesper Town Hall SW of Ironwood Inn (Vesper, Trammel)



Runebook on the Steps of the Vesper Town Hall


Later, Governor Winfield met with Waywatcher Corporal Floria Tenne and Baron Caden D'Gar of the Guardsmen Militia near Yew (Trammel).



Guardsmen Militia Training SE of Yew (Trammel)


Read more below for many more details and the 9th Anniversary schedule.


From their assembly in New Haven, Winfield, Kathleen, Eric the Red, and Nexus visited Vesper where Lord Kain Twothumb, Tae'nu Ver, and Thaur Macil showed them the Vesper city. They saw many buildings on the southwestern area of Vesper on the mainland to include stables, crafting halls, a jail, and the Town Hall. Lord Kain Twothumb was gracious enough to offer the Vesper Town Hall for the PaxLair Statehood meeting on Tuesday, at 9 PM ET (2 AM UK Time on Wednesday).


Southwest of Yew (Trammel) near the Yew Cemetary, Governor Winfield witnessed combat practice operations by the Guardsmen Militia. He was impressed by their strong discipline. He also learned the Guardsmen Militia are not fond of non-human beings, such as orcs and elves. They are also not fond of magic users.


The Guardsmen Militia are launching a week-long 9th Anniversary with many events, as shown below. PaxLair and friends from Chesapeake plan to attend as many of these events as possible. Most events start at 3 PM ET and continue until around 8 PM ET.


The journey to Europa will also allow meetings and interaction with other guilds and cities.



Guardsmen Militia 9th Anniversary Schedule


Monday 15th - (8pm UK Time until 10PM - Quiz will begin at 8.30)

3PM ET until 5PM ET

Pub Quiz (1 million gold prize fund), Free drinks, food, dancing


Tuesday 16th - (8pm UK Time until Late)

3PM ET until around 8PM ET

Be a Guardsman for the day.

Try out our uniforms, tour our buildings and do our job!

A chance for some quality and different RP


Wednesday 17th - (8pm UK Time until Late)

3PM ET until around 8PM ET

Games evening! Variety of traditional

combat and non-combat games with large prizes to be won!


Thursday 18th - (8pm UK Time until Late)

3PM ET until around 8PM ET

GRAND TOURNAMENT! A tournament for all to enter!

Large prizes to be awarded! Come and try your luck!


Friday 19th - (8pmUK Time until Late)

3PM ET until around 8PM ET

A play and an evening of entertainment!


Saturday 20th - (8pm UK Time until Late)

3PM ET until around 8PM ET

Fancy dress party! Dress up and impress!

Prizes for the best outfits and an evening of entertainment.

Come, be merry and socialise!


Sunday 21st - (7.30pm UK Time until Late)

2:30PM ET until around 8PM ET

Grand Market in Yew Town Center!

With other activities taking place throughout!


Original Full Article....

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