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Greetings all


With the Nanocs Blessing's Valmeer has commissioned A new guild built on the sole defense of Dragons Watch and also any Town, building or gathering inside the Paxlair Statehood.



Brief Intro

The Virtue Knights of Dragons Watch is a Paxlair based Melee guild set up to be a elite team used in covert missions and quest as well as all around training for this who wish to seek it. It will grow only as the need arises to do so. The knights of Dragons Watch will be at the beckon call of each mayor, each ministers office.




Virtue Knights of Dragons watch is a Paxlair guild designed around the Virtues and based on Honor, Truth and Justice. though primarily a Melee/warriors guild but Healer type Mages and Battle Mages will be accepted when needed. While a member of K^DW members will heed all Paxlair laws and enforce them. One does not have to be a Paladin to enter this guild, Chaos is a Virtue, so long as the member is honorable in ways to his/her guildmates and those in Paxlair.


A) Joining K^DW:

To join the guild the person wishing to join must first spend time with members of the guild for no more then four weeks, this period is known as the squire period and those in this period will be called squires, this time can be cut short if members decide that the person wanting to join has been deemed worthy. Any person already apart of Paxlair waves this four week period and may accept to join.


a)Becoming a member:

After the squires have completed the four week squire period the guild as a whole will vote upon their accpetance. If it is granted the squire will then be put through a series of quest. This period is known as the Knight Trials. Based on how the squire handles his or her self during these quest, they will or will not take the Oath of Knight hood. A squire may attempt each quest only twice if the fail any quest twice they must wait at least six months before they will be allowed to try again.


B) I'm a Knight what happens next?:

After you have completed your quest you will take the Oath of Knighthood and then receive your personal quest. There is no pass or fail during this time, this quest is only for you and no one else. This period is known as the Enlightened quest of Knight Hood, what you get from this quest only your inner self will know.



C) Why am I being put through all these trials and what happens after they are complete?


As stated above K^DW is an elite group designed to work in small teams in the most harsh missions and situations known to us. These series of quest are not for kicks but to show what you are made of and if you are worthy enough to stand beside those who have come before you to protect the people of Paxlair and Chesapeake. Once you have completed all of the above you will be assigned to a squad, as the guild branches out squads will grow and more will be put into play, as this happens assuming higher ranks can occur if so desired. The mission of the guild is to have small 4-5 knight squads who work well together and can take on long grueling combat missions with little reinforcement and supplies.


D) Ranking System


Squire: During the four week squire period you will hold the rank of squire. Reports to all those above him or her.


Knight/Arcane: A general member of the guild who may choose to seek advancment if desired Reports to Knight Sergeant and above Ranks.


Knight/Arcane Sergeant: Second in command of his or her squad. Reports to Knight Captain and Above.


Knight/Arcane Captain: Commander of his or her squad and reports to only the Knight/Arcane Protector


Knight/Arcane Protector: A council set up to help the voice of the Guild be heard and to Held the Lord Knight in decisions within the guild structure


Lord Knight: Acting leader of the K^DW



As time goes on and members take on these roles the guild will adjust its charter and rules so that all within the guild abide and have fair say about them. The ranks will become open as more members join. As of now Valmeer is looking for at least one Mage and one Melee type to become Protectors so that they may help in getting this elite team on its feet.


Those who wish to apply may do so anytime(in this thread or ingame) just send me a pigeon or contact me in other ways.


Thank you for your time.

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