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The Key TO Success

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This is an OOC post


So I was on a smoke break again....you all know thats when I get my best stuff. Siting and thinking so here we go.


Over the years in my experience I have come to one conclusion. People want to be useful. They want their establishments to be useful. From a city park to the City Hall.


What we need to do as a community is help everyone in our city. Help our establishments as well. Even if they dont see us there we have been there. Winfields Tea House why not stop by and have a cup of tea and sit around and talk. Or hang outside on the lawn and maybe someone will pass by and say hello.


Go to the new city park and sit. If you have something to write up in a book or on the forums go sit at a park or the RLT or BLT. (Speaking of which I am moving myself to the park now.)


If Tat is putting on a play and is having trouble and needs help. We should want to go help her with it. We should want to be there to help make her project a smashing success. If Katherine is running a Museum tour ask her if you can help. Or even go to the tour to be supportive. It puts a smile on peoples faces seeing others want to be there and want to help. Then sure enough they want to do more things and try new things which brings new people to our city.


Our city success is not built on one persons idea. The city success is all of us working together to better our city and our community.


I have put people in key positions on defense, city council, viceroys, deputy mayor and council chair. I believe over the past few weeks we have put together one of the BEST governments I have seen in a long time. I dont just throw joe shmo blow somewhere, sometimes I may but, it is something about them that has caught my eye. I have seen something we can use. Over the past few weeks some of you have seen the same and have asked me to meet with them. That is how we build a city. Working together.


Our stage is set. The props and lighting are in place. Are you ready to perform?

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I hope I am not intruding but I would like to comment. I agree with you, one thing I always enjoyed was just taking off for a walk and walking all the roads visit towns etc. I still do that today, I am often in the Pax towns sitting on a bench or something. You make a great and valid point and I couldnt agree more!

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