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Princess To Donate 250,000 Check To Gov. Winfield At Next Statehood Meeting

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Greetings fellow PaxLair citizens...


I am announcing that I will donate a 250,000 check to Gov. Winfield at the next statehood meeting.


I wish that the money be be spent on the following


Helping PaxLair with taxes and other housing needs


Helping to support PaxLair citizens that may be low income players


And to bring a possible future PaxLair government to Trinsic


What real reasons the money will be used for is entirely up to Gov. Winfield.


I hope to be called up to the meeting to update my other projects going on with PaxLair.


Signed Princess


PaxLair's Friends of Trinsic guild (PFoT)




I plan on donating more to PaxLair in the near future...

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Princess, your generosity is wonderful!! Thank you!!


Since I do not have a Statehood Treasurer and therefore will not be able to track the specific allocation of funds, you can help me with the following options:

  1. Use the 250K gold for an event you would like to hold and have some of that as prizes.
  2. Since the Statehood does not have taxes (only PaxOku within the Statehood does), we will not need tax-relief support at the Statehood level. You may donate some to PaxOku I imagine for their less-wealthy citizens and residents.
  3. Most of our citizens are from our cities of PaxLair City, Dragons Watch, and PaxOku, and that is where the new people (some are low income) reside. So those mayors will know best who needs the gold. I can accept the 250K gold and divide it equally between our 3 cities.
  4. A future PaxLair Government in Trinsic is a very large diplomatic endeavor of course, and most likely problematic within the Realm. Trinsic belongs to Britannia led by the Britannian Council. When/if the Council becomes active, I'm certain we can have great relations with them regarding Trinsic. Of course, an outpost under Dragons Watch on the outskirts of Trinsic can be done without too much involvement by the Britannian Council. Perhaps some of the gold could be used by DW for an outpost near Trinsic.

I look forward to seeing you at the next PaxLair meeting.


Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood

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