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PaxLair Shop N Meet - Construction Update + News

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Greetings fellow PaxLair citizens....


Here is a update regarding the brand new PaxLair Shop N Meet house currently under construction on the western outskirts of Trinsic.




The new "Pax Vender Shop" area is near completion already! Only thing left to do is minor cosmetic changes and a few other minor changes.The vender space for the PaxLair Shop N Meet is about 50 max.So if you are interested in placing a free vendor with 100% honest service and a special credit for having a vendor at PaxLair's newest housing addition contact me at the following below this news letter.




The new "Pax Meeting Room - Trinsic Branch" is under construction with very nice rows of original trinsic style chairs sitting on a green tiled floor.The room will be decorated nicely and will not be over decorated.Major changes have been made to the room to give it a little more space for the rows of chairs.


PaxLair Shop N Meet should be completed on October 31st,2007.With a possible PaxLair statehood meeting to take place November 27th,2007.I will be in frequest discussions with all leaders of PaxLair to make sure that the PaxLair Shop N Meet will be a very nice place to visit,shop and for possible other Pax meetings in the future.


This building is starting to show a very nice shape and style.I look for this to be one of the better looking buildings around the area of Trinsic once final decoration and construction work is completed.


Thanks for your time,interest and support


Signed Princess


Reporter,PaxLair's Friends of Trinsic guild (PFoT)


ICQ : 238587382


Yahoo : djkahnefan@yahoo.com

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