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Character age issue? I want my gifts!!!!!

- - - - - age character gifts issue

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I have several chars across three accounts that are not getting gifts. These are chars that I have had for several years (youngest account is 3 years)

You would think that a char with young player ticket AND practice weapons would get a gift.

But so far, that has not been the case. This has happened across multiple shards.

I have tried logging into the chars multiple times the past week or so without getting gifts on any of them.



If you've already contacted a GM with no luck, have you tried sending Jeremy either an email or PM?


If you havent logged them in for a while they wont get gift right away


I logged in a character from another account that hasn't been logged in in well over a year and the gifts were sitting in his pack. *shrugs*


Run them to the bank have them open there bank box log out n back in with them an they should get there gifts thats what i had to do.


Connor, I haven't contacted anyone on it. And it isn't all characters or any particular shard.

As an example, one account I got 4 out of 5 gifts on Sonoma on one account but only 1 out of 4 on another. But on another shard, it is the exact opposite.

Even funnier is that some of those chars are getting the young tag... and all the chars are WELL over 6 months old(most were made in 99ish)

Hanna, that "could" be the case... except that all the chars per shard are the same age... so it doesn't makes no sense why some chars of an account on a shard would get some.

Milamber, I'll have to give that a try. I'll post up the results.


Also, make sure you have room in your pack and/or bank box.

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It happens on NEWBIE characters, of course there is room in the characters bag. Opening the characters bankbox then relogging works but why would this happen in the first place?


That's a good question! I'll ask Wilki.


Your characters bank box is carried with them. I think when UO does a character check and it doesn't get the information from the bank box (since it has never been opened) the character doesn't "register" as a character that qualifies for a gift.
Sounds good eh?
It's always worked that way. If you log on and don't get a gift (that you are supposed to get) open your bank box and log back in and you should get one.

I do wish they would go back to "the character must have logged in in the last 30 days" dealio. Let's reward the active characters/players.


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