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Does everyone have to start in NEw Haven now?

- - - - - haven start

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http://boards.strati...b=5&o=&fpart=1'> source

Either this is a bug or it is intended and the text needs to be changed at charater creation. All new charaters start in New Haven.

In KR charater creation is says if you choose advanced profession you may choose your starting city -but there is no option to choose it.

In 2-d you actually click on any other city (I tried Brit and Moonglow) and your char still ends up in New Haven.

Please allow us to choose a starting city other than new haven, it's very tedious for vets to run through the new player quests each time to make a new char.


You don't have to do any of the quests, if you don't want to.

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Thanks you for your quick reply Jeremy! But while it's true you can skip the quests it's not ideal for getting to a moongate with all the brigands there. Either you have to get someone to gate you out or have 2 pcs to gate yourself out.

Also, it's inconvienient for holiday trading to all be stuck in New Haven instead of the various inns of your choice, or as in most cases, Luna.

Mostly, it would be nice if this truly is the new design to remove the text in the charater creation screen that says you may choose your starting city, especially in 2-d where you actually get to choose a city, only to end up in New Haven anways.





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Before we had a choice; now we do not. Explain to me why that is an improvement.
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Before we had a choice; now we do not. Explain to me why that is an improvement.

newbies were probley getting lost and complaining other then that who knows
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if your char cant run past the brigs without getting killed you need a new computer...
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