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I have been going to the tuesday evening meetings for two weeks now and it seems like the meetings are getting bigger and bigger...


I request that the leaders of PaxLair look into extending the time for the meetings from 1 hour to possibly more time.


Maybe do a multiple choice vote or poll...And see which percentage gets the most votes...


Just another idea of mine...


I think a multiple choice vote is a better idea for this kind of group.


Multiple choice options


A - Extented by 15 minutes


B - Extended by 30 minutes


C - Extended by 45 minutes


D - Extended by 60 minutes


E - Do not extend the time of the meetings


I believe that the growing process needs to be looked at for this subject...I believe the process should be voted on online rather then voted on by meetings...Cause by meetings we do not get full turnout and a online vote can be voted by everyone..I would say give it a 3 week vote process and put in into law November 1st.


But you guys do it however you wish or decline my idea..It don't matter I am just a member handing out ideas...


Also I have been having issues with posting items here...I don't know if anyone else is having issues posting..

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