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PaxLair Weekly Meeting - Oct 2nd - new format

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The meeting information is here. Location is PaxOku, Tokuno. Time is 8:30 PM ET gathering. Date is Tuesday, October 2nd.


This week, I'd like to have a slightly different format in the meeting.


Since we have several leaders getting various interest areas off the ground for our Statehood and its Cities, I will attempt to lead the discussion around some of these things. I will also attempt to have people specifically interested in these to stand up and be noticed. That way, our leaders can better meet all those interested in a particular aspect of what we are working to accomplish.


Some of these interest areas will include:

  • Defense [scenarios] and team building for combat (Crypt Keeper is leader)
  • Court System of Justice [small claims cases to criminal cases] (Kathleen is leader)
  • Crafting and Ready Supplies (Quartermaster) (Eoin Smithson is leader)

If there are other interest areas, such as adventuring, all we need to do is determine the interest and have some leaders get such things going.


We will still have short reports from our Cities and Ministries at the meeting.


See everyone this evening!! Meeting starts promptly at 9 PM ET, so arrive early and get a good seat!


Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood


(anyone wishing to post this on other relevant forums may do so, thanks!!)

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