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Old, old player coming back with a few ?s

- - - - - back coming player

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Hey all,
I just bought the UO 9th anny edition (last one in my town, believe it or not) and I've decided to come back and play UO until I have to ship out. I'm planning on playing on Atlantic (probably), and I'm wondering a couple of things -

1. - Is there still space to drop a house if you want one? I know the game used to be so crowded it was nuts.

2. - I know if you don't want PvP you shouldn't play UO, and I don't mind PvPing. I actually think its pretty fun. What I don't think is fun is "getting ganked" in gamertalk. Used to be a problem, is it still? I mean I know there will always be "those guys," but are there still entire guilds dedicated to wanton newbie-slaying? Just curious.

3. - Is the game still newbie-friendly? I want to play one of these "new classes" that I've heard about. Samurai or Pally or something (actually I want to start a treasure hunter, but thats another thread), but I know diddly about them. If I choose to play one of those types of characters, am I in for more heartache than it's worth?

4. - Wealth. Back in the day it wasn't hard to get money, but it wasn't exactly a fast process either. Is money available to be made as a newbie? I mean, can you make a decent return on your time if you choose to do nothing but farm/harvest/create for a couple of hours?

Any help here is appreciated, and any web links, guilds still around and friendly to new players are always appreciated as well.

** As a note - when I referenced "the day" that was "back when," I was referring to the release of T2A and about 8 months thereafter. Yea - its been a while.




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1. A lot of spaces to place houses on many shards.

2. PVP can only be engaged if you are in a guild, factions, or pk'ing in fellucca.

3. This game is very noob friendly

4. Wealth, although still a task at aquiring is in fact easier yet with inflation it has been rounded to about the same as before.
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WELL, I just happen to have a nice fel house on Great Lakes. I offered it to a fella on stratics and he hasn't emailed me yet. It's pretty far east of Britain...




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1. yeah lots of housing available now, i remember when a small tower in fel ran over a mil lol

2. Yes the VIP guild is mostly dedicated to killing any blue in fel, but if u stay in tram little more crowded but no risk of being pked.

3. Still same as old days, any melee char easiest to start with.

4. money is very easy to get. on atlantic people have crazy gold so if u have something u want they will pay anything. Gold mostly comes from items (created or looted) not really like before when u looted gold from mobs. I rarely loot gold from mobs just good items. Powerscrolls are probably the easiest way to get rich fast once u have a decent character.

Just letting you know, if u like to pvp, atlantic has a large number of speedhackers now. They can jump your screen, and no one really gets caught. A serious problem they need to work on. Also, ATL has a market that changes constantly due to xsharding and inflation. ATL is probably one of the most populated shards tho, so id say its good to start on.



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Well, seems the gang has answered your questions quiet thoroughly. In the common FAQ forum (first link in my signature) we have quite a few threads dedicated for returning vets. One that may be of itnerest to you is the changes since T2A. It is a reverse chronology of all the major patches, links and expansions.

Be prepared, there are ALOT of changes. Some are rather hard to accept, like resists for armor, magic item properties, and new skill sets (especially chivalry).

Good luck, welcome back, and keep us posted on your discoveries in the game!

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Welcome back to UO XeroJaeger,as Baldguy says you are in for some surprises gamewise.

Wish you all the best on your return





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On atlantic there are almost no house spots yet. I know on other shards there is open land for large houses, but thats because thoese shards are nearly empty. The game is newb friendly. on atlantic a good guild to join starting out is LLTS. they seem to help new + returning players.

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welcome back

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