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Upcoming News @ Next PaxLair Meeting

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Greetings from Princess,


Leader of the Friends of Trinsic guild.


I was at the Pax meeting on September,25th and I enjoyed the meeting so well that I have 3 major announcements to make and I don't want to reveal the news until the next PaxLair meeting.


I hope to gain support and acceptance from each member in PaxLair....My goal here is to be involed with PaxLair in anyway I can.I look forward to making many friends at PaxLair and I look forward to giving reports at each meeting.


I have many major ideas for my guild and for PaxLair.I think the friendship between us both will benefit PaxLair for many days to come..


I request to have a half hour meeting with the highest ranking members of PaxLair before announcing my news next meeting..You can contact me through private message here to set up a time for the meeting.


The reason for the meeting...I want to make sure I have the ok before the news is announced...


Thank you so much PaxLair for everything and I look forward to the future of my game play on Ultima Online as a part of PaxLair...







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Welcome Princess!


I'm interested in what you proposed at the meeting last night, which involved hearing more news from Trinsic.


All of the cities of Britannia are great places. We do seek to hear from their citizens, councils, governments, and any travelers passing through those cities. We have a strong and viable relationship with Verity Syndicate and the Moonglow Council of Mages, as examples.


Several of our senior PaxLair officials are on a fishing trip through next Sunday, including me. We will hope to meet with you upon our return.


Welcome again!


Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood

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9 28 07 - Just to update fellow PaxLair citizens......


I have prepared a heart warming speech that will be revealed at the next PaxLair statehood meeting.


In this speech I will talk about the leaders of PaxLair,My three announcements and the revealing of a special surprise or two.


The speech should last no longer then 10 minutes.


The speech will not be revealed at the initial meeting between me and high ranking PaxLair leaders.I want to keep this a surprise for all to see at the meeting.I believe all in attendance will very much enjoy my speech.


However my three announcements will be revealed at the initial meeting between me and high ranking PaxLair leaders.I hope my ideas get approval by the next PaxLair statehood meeting because I would love to deliver a speech that PaxLair very much deserves.


I will not post anymore updates about these events..I will leave that up to Gov. Winfield


I bid you a great weekend my fellow PaxLair citizens...I hope to see you at the next PaxLair statehood meeting.....



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