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[News] HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY to UO!! Fireworks in Luna Video

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LUNA, MALAS, CHESAPEAKE - September 25, 2007


Many people arrived in Luna to see the spectacular fireworks display on the 10th Anniversary of the Realm (Ultima Online). People ducked for cover as fireworks shot over their heads with deafening explosions. Others stood in awe in the middle of the field looking up to the skies. Everyone walked away with huge smiles on their black-sooted faces.




See the event as seen by observers from the PaxLair Statehood.


Click here to run the Flash Video of Luna Fireworks on September 25, 2007.


(slow connections may need to restart the flash player -- 15 MB streaming download -- audio quality is reduced to produce clearer video -- video may not be re-hosted without PaxLair.Com permission).




SEPTEMBER 25, 2007




Original Full Article....

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