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[News] Defense Mission: Trek North

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PAXLAIR STATEHOOD - September 24, 2007


On Sep 20th, Statehood Minister of Defense Cryptkeeper quietly announced a covert mission to resupply Gargoyle City (Ilshenar) with armour and equipment. Gypsy blacksmiths have failed to resupply Gargoyle City in recent weeks.


Five people are called to volunteer for this important mission. They are to deliver 50 Chainmail Coifs, 100 Bucklers, 75 Daggers, 200 Cutlasses to Wiselem and Inwis in Gargoyle City as soon as possible. In order to gain confidence from the Gargoyles and to elude suspicion, two members of the team MUST BE crafters; all team members must be wearing no more than Grand Master-created armour to not attract attention in the area.


Success of this mission will open trade routes between the PaxLair Statehood and Gargoyle City.


Full details of the mission may be found and discussed here.




Mission Area:

Sacrifice Moongate/Shrine in lower left

Compassion area in upper right,

Gargoyle City in upper left.




Original Full Article....

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