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The Amazing Race for this month went off without a glitch. Well, unless you call the shard crashing 5 times duing the first run Sunday at 11 am. a glich or the UO gods playing to win.


The three people that showed for the first race at 11am today each got 5 points for showing.

Winfield [Pax], Lord Xavier Reed [PaxO] and Lady Kathleen [Pax] all arrived at the Skara Brae Community Center ready to run this first Amazing Race.


Winfield couldn't solve the riddle for the Bonus Points but Kathleen and Xavier both got 5 points by bringing a " scorp" with them.


Each got a bag of items at the start with a book that had the first clue in it.


Unfortunatly the shard crashed 3 times and reverted each time before anyone made it to the first check point. Winfield had to leave because of prior commitments (fishing trip no doubt).


Kathleen and Xavier stuck it out till the end even tho the shard crashed 2 more times.


Xavier got to the final check point first and took home the 100k check with Kathleen next for the 2nd place check of 50k. Winfield came in the place we call show. He showed up, got 5 points and will get a check for 25k.


The rescheduled race from Thursday nite that was run at 8 pm. tonite found only 2 people brave enough to run the riggers of The Amazing Race. Guildmates and friends Lady Sweet Dreams *V* and Lisa Eldi *V* showed up for the race. Once the race started tho it was every woman for themself. What a show they put on of wit, courage and strategy. Lisa Eldi prevailed in the end and limped off with first place and a check for 100K , Lady Sweet Dreams staggered in for second place and a check for 50k.


Phoenix and I would like to thank the participants and invite everyone out for next months

Amazing Race.

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