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Office Hours (Mayor Gareth, PaxOku)

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I know Winfield started office hours awhile ago and wanted other Mayors to have some. So I have set aside time where ill be IN my office and times I will be somewhere in the city or gone from it no longer then five minutes.


(Please note some of my hours are weird but, you never know what hours people are awake.)


Monday-3-3:25 am eastern (In Office)


Tuesday 8-9:00 pm eastern (In Office)


Wednesday- 6-7 pm eastern (In Office)

7-7:30 pm eastern (In City)


Thursday- Day Off


Friday- 3-4:00 am eastern (In City)


Saturday- 4-5 pm eastern (In City)


Sunday- 6-6:30 pm eastern (In Office)

6:30-7 pm eastern (In City)


(*OOC: Please note that when visiting during In City Hours the following characters are house holding characters that I use to remodel the city daily. Gareth can be summoned by asking if he is in.: Gareth'MissKayi, Gareth'Angelica, Taurik II, PaxOku City, PaxOku, PaxOku Viceroy.*)

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My office hours will be at different times, so it will be hard to catch me in the office. However i can be summoned as well by asking Lord Gareth, or contacting me with flower power using 29190956 number.


My main times i will try to be in the office regardless will be wednesdays at 9pm est to 10pm est, also on Monday nights before Council of Sin for at least a half hour to hour. I will inform you of any other hours i will be in as i know them. :) Thank you!

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