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Join PaxLair


Become part of a community dedicated to "players" seeking to take their

Ultima Online experiences many steps beyond "just playing the game".



Joining PaxLair is easy. Here's some wonderful and easy options:

  • PaxLair-wide Weekly Meetings (Tuesdays, 9 PM U.S. Eastern Time) - See each meeting location listed on the UO Forums Chesapeake Calendar. Directions or a Rune is always provided. This is the best way to meet people of PaxLair and tell them all about yourself. NOTE: Every meeting starts with new and returning player introductions!!
  • Post on the JOIN Thread - This Thread!!
  • Contact the Governor - You can "email" the Governor through this form. He will reply within a few days and help you get started.

Welcome once again and safe travels across the Realm! We hope to see you soon in one of our cities.


Note: The PaxLair "Join Page", similar to this one, is here on the PaxLair Skypage.



Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood


If you wish to post on this JOIN thread, please do so!! Just tell us who you are and what you are interested in, and if you wish to be contacted by Private Message (PM).


Feel free to also post on our monthly Roll Call threads in this forum.

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Guest PAlexandria

Hail All:


I have not the fortitude to brave the dangers of Felucca, but I am quite curious about your other towns in safer realms. I've already posted in the thread about placing a vendor in your newest mall and would like to explore further the benefits, adventures and responsibilities of becoming a member of your community.


I can be reached at the ever-magical ICQ 4810959.


My thanks for your attention.


Alexandria of Chesapeake

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Guest PAlexandria
Nay, only property owners pay taxes. *shakes head*

Please don't encourage other Council members to look at a personal tax!!


Hehe... Aye, to tell you the truth, I would not have felt very kindly about it. I like my fantasy world to be as little like reality as possible in such areas. As they say in the ordinary world, "Nothing is certain but death and taxes" and it has always been so very refreshing for death in our special realm to be totally reversible. Were it up to me, I would have declined to tax citizens in any way (in either realm) but oh well, no government has ever consulted me about my opinion, more's the pity. :]

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Hail brave citizens of Pax.


Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Noble Talan Blackhart, Legendary Warrior of Luna. I come in search of a place to call home, for years I have wondered the waste lands of Feluccia, stopping then encrouching tide of tyrannie and evil that has beset the land. However in recent months I have decided to hang up my bounty hunting days to endure a more relaxed and friendlier way of life.


With this in mind, I turn to the good people of Pax as salvations light, is there space in your family for an old warrior who has seen better days..... Time will tell.


Please feel free to contact me accordingly.


Kind Regards


Talan Blackhart.

(ICQ) 232671271

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Hail, I am Mad Z, a mage from Chesapeake. I have just arrived to the worlds of Ultima and am not accustomed to the ways and habits, but am absolutely ready to learn. I am in an ardent pursuit of a guild to asociate myself with. It would be wonderful if humble adventurers like you could set me on the righteous path. I have little to offer back except for my skills as mage and just a company of another guild-member.

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Well met Mad Z. We have a meeting every Tuesday night beginning at 9pm est. Folks start to gather around 8:30 pm. If the PaxLair Pizzeria is open we can grab a bite there and talk before the meeting.


So let me know what town is good to meet you around 8:30pm est next Tuesday and we'll pick you up.


Se'an Silverfoot

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I wanted to ask if there are any other possibilities rather then the meeting? I am in Europe at GMT +2, so i don't think that meeting at 5:30 AM local time is in any way possible. If that could be done any other time, then that would be great. That is, of course, if you are still ready to accept me, since timing issue will prevent me from participation in any such activities.

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Hello all,

my name is Raistlin, I come from the lands of Sonoma. I have not had a lot of experience with RP but I am eager to learn. I am interested in joining Paxlair, my icq number is 237 609 353 for anyone who would be able to help me. Any help is appreciated!

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Paxlair is not just one guild. There are an entire alliance of guilds within the PaxLair statehood and government. Some, such as my own, also have membership and citizenship within PaxLair, but are not part of the alliance through the guilds. I would say you should meet the people and decide which guild you might 'fit' with the best before joining any. Best of luck to you in your journeys and welcome to Chesapeake!

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