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Returning Vet feels like a complete Noob

- - - - - complete feels noob returning vet

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Hi Folks,

i used to play Uo for several years till AoS came out and i stopped till today.

So i returned some Days ago and feel like a complete !!!!ing noob! ;)

Fellu is pretty empty my Council 5x 120 Fencer doesnt find faction enemies and when i finally met some pks, i just got owned pretty hard.

So i went with my tamer/provo to check out the Champion Spawns, there were like 2 up but no ppl there.

So i went to destard provocing some dragons to actually do something else, then recalling trough the world finding something worth killing ;)t
then i went to doom, but that was pretty suicidal *smile*

I dont have the Mondain Legacy update.
But is there nothing left to do?
Where do i find the good magic stuff? My equip is just exceptional stuff :(
Where are all the ppl?

I buyed one of the new towers and started to deco.

plz help me ;)



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Unfortunately Fel is slowly becoming extinct. You got owned in probably less than 3 seconds due to items (your exceptional equipment makes you exceptionally prone to this).

There is still LOTS to do in UO, you just have to take the time to find it/do it.

Without the ML (Mondain's Legacy) update you don't have access to one of the easiest and best critters (swoop) to farm good loot, but you could make due with fighting high end monsters in Ilsh (balrons/succubii, just watch for the Paragons, but those give you the best loot for what you can get to).

If there are people on, you'll most likely run into them in Luna (Malas).

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Thanks again Maddux!

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Hi Trusten
Would recommend getting the Mondains Legacy update- will introduce you to more lands :)
Dont like Fel myself(I used to get wound up with the bullies) but maybe you could try Tram?
Good luck on your travels and we hope you have a great time :)

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I recommened and expasion, and making an attempt at siege if PvP is your passion and dealing death is your life.
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thanks guys

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