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In Search of the Perfect Pet!

- - - - - perfect pet search

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So now Merthe has hit 27 it was time to find the pet I've wanted since starting to play this game. My confidence soaring in my ability to trap him first get in position and tame away I felt good, I felt strong and was ready for anything. Pet I wanted was the elusive ghost saber! He was only lvl 19-20 so I felt confident if I could get him to spawn I could definitely tame him. So after a little run to Ruins of Mathystra in Darkshore I began my hunt. The first figurine I immediately noticed unguarded and began to anticipate the taming when an arrow flew from the side and began attacking a nearby mob, what is this someone trying to poach my tame? Next thing I know I see a lvl 33 blood elf dancing and jumping around me, taunting me, laughing and joking at me and my little Deathstalker. Following him was a lvl 20 blood elf, I knew this wasnt good, they were here for the same purpose as I. My blood began to boil as Tenzo of the Warcry guild (hmmph!) laughed and taunted. I vowed to kill any saber they managed to spawn since I was reasonable certain I couldnt kill Tenzo myself. After a few minutes they appeared to leave the area so I continued with my quest, a little shaken but more determined then ever. I then stumbled across them just as the little 20 hunter finished taming a saber (hmmmph). Dang it I missed the opportunity to grief them and as there wasnt anyone in the area to come assist me I just had to swallow it. The taunts didn't stop as now they both had the ghost sabers I so wanted in my stable. Fortunately the very next figurine I came across spawned it, Woot I didn't even see it spawn til boom my freeze trap went off. Yes! I had it I tamed it and immediately ran over where I had last seen them to do a little taunting of my own. I knew I couldnt win the fight and wanted so bad to attack anyways but now I didnt have the option anymore and I knew my saber would soon die as a newly tamed spawned one will. So I left knowing I got what I came for and living to fight another day. Tenzo will see me again I'm sure and Warcry guild has added another member to "the list".

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