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UO How To Guide

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    El Mero Mero

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I know a few years ago, there was a how to guide for UO that was sold in the book stores and gaming stores. I can't recall who made it, just that it existed. Anyway, right now the only way we can get information on what is new in UO is go through all the patch update logs and hit every single UO board/forum we can possibly find and pray we get some useful information.

Here is what I wish were to happen. A consolidated (I know Stratics exists but I think that bad boy is out of date) location with easy to reference everything in game....and I do mean everything. Maybe it can be a book or CD or online, doesn't matter. I would pay for the book, just like the one from years ago. I think it was a Prima guide. Anyway, it would have to have updates but if it is good knowledge why not publish it and sell it?

Basically, I am tired of reading on boards how things are done and then you go and try it and it is not done the way explained on the boards but actually done another way. (Not always some folks actually post good things.) How many times have I read that some super boss monster was taken down by a pet chicken and mage with 80 skill in under 3 minutes and the rest of us are losers because we haven't figured out how to do it. Once. Yes, only once...but it was enough to make me think...."I remember once there was a UO guide put out by somebody....oh yeah, I think it was Prima."

Or how about the,

>:( I quit UO and came back in my GM Shadow Iron armor and some Mongbat smoked me...WTF happened?
:icon_king: "What was your resists?"
>:( What Magic resist, I am a warrior foo! I don't need no resistors!
:icon_king: "No, I mean what is your physical resist, you other resist and that fire thing resist?"
>:( .......What, WTF....WTF...WTF!!!

Know what I mean?

Sorry, I am rambling and probably not making any sense.

I put this in the wrong General Discussion ... Can someone move it please? Arigato gozaimasu.
If you don't eat your meat you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?!



    Founder/Publisher of GameXbar

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Hi Santi,

I have one of the old UO Prima player guide books. A new Prime guide for KR and SA would be a great idea. :)

I just recently got the book, "Legend of the Syndicate" (a history of The Syndicate guild from Atlantic... they're historically one of the biggest dogs on the UO block, they also play many other games). The book has it's fans and detractors, but at least for me it's a good read for anyone who was, is, or wants to be a guildmaster. From a perspective of how to run or not run a large guild... it's how to guide for GMs. Just an idea for something to read.

As to online guides. UO Stratics is a bit long in the tooth, but it's also the grand daddy of them all. Updating UOS has always been up to volunteers, as UO's player population has ebbed & flowed... so has volunteerism around the UO community.

There are many smaller wikis and other sites that have popped up, some of them are pretty good... such as UOGuide, and several others.

I know this is going to sound like a sales pitch (maybe it is :)), but take a look at the UO Toolbar... it has a TON of links, feeds, tools, and a lot more. It's pretty comprehensive.

Hope that helps.

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    El Mero Mero

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Well, i am gonna bite on the UO Toolbar pitch. But, There have been about 4 prima guides. The latest one in 2003! I didn't even know that. I think it even had the EA logo on it. Maybe it didn't sell so well.
If you don't eat your meat you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?!

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