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- - - - - archer bushido chiv

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just wondering if this would work

120 archer
120 chiv--dispel evil when they turn to run got a couple of extra shots off on them
120 resist magic-thinking about changing to heal
120 tactics
120 anotomy
120 bushido

all represent real numbers i am trying to do it without jewel mods

tatctics and anotomy are high want to have some armor that is mana dependent so my di will probley suffer......oh and whats the diffrince between bushido at 100 or 120 on a archer since i can not benift from the parry bonus
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    The Couch Hottie

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That's what my archer has.. but healing instead of resist.

120 bushido
120 archer (100 real + 20 from hunter's headdress)

She never misses on her LS. She's elf so she has the extra mana. But she still uses mana leech weps.

Not sure why you want 120 chiv?



    Lost in the Abyss

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Not sure why you want 120 chiv either. My bush/chiv archer is:

120 archery
120 anatomy
120 tactics
100 bushido
100 resist
90 healing
70 chivalry

She is human, and her suit is 8MR with a bunch of MI and 15 HPI. She only has 23 HCI, but it really hasn't affected her too badly. DI runs at 62-67 (just from tally and weps, not counting di from tactics and anatomy). Her stats are 100/145/51 with all items. Suit is 70/70/65/70/66. She does very well pvm and pvp, though I don't use her too often for pvp, just sometimes for fun. I get a lot of smack at me for having a "glorious lady" running around yew lol. I took tactics and anatomy higher for the damage increase, as the critical strike from bushido LS isn't all that many more damage points, and I get higher damage on EVERY hit with high tactics/anatomy. I'm sure you're template will work, but you will probably want more MR than me since you are depending on mana users to heal (confidence, close wounds and cleanse by fire) unless you're using balanced bows and planning on chugging pots. Unless you have a lot of MR or fit some med/focus into your template, you probably won't be able to run a ton of specials...some mana leach weaps would be nice. FWIW.



    The old guy from Atlantic

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love the chiv. archer myself but like Ally said i think i would definately slip some healing in there somehow..
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