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KR Custom UI, part 1

- - - - - custom kr part ui

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Posted on UOHerald.com

KR Custom UI, part 1
Jeremy Dalberg
17 Aug 2007 15:40.45 EST

With the latest KR patch, we've added the ability to customize your interface. Below the jump are some basic instructions on how to go about it - we'll be providing more details and examples over the next few weeks, but if you're comfortable playing with XML, go for it!

Getting Started

  • Locate the UserInterface folder. It will be in the install directory for UO Kingdom Reborn.
  • Extract Default.zip to the UserInterface folder. This archive contains the source layouts and artwork that you will be modifying.
  • Make sure that the extraction process created a Default folder under UserInterface
  • Create a new folder under UserInterface with the name that you want to use for your Custom UI.
  • At this point you can begin copying files over from the Default folder and making modifications to them. (Make sure you maintain the same directory structure)

General Notes

  • The zip file in the UserInterface folder contains the default layouts and textures used in UOKR. By modifying these files you will be able to customize the look of the UOKR interface.
  • If you are running Vista you will need to be logged in as administrator in order to manipulate files in the install directory.
  • Script files can not be edited. This means that you will only be able to change the layout of existing windows. You will not be able to change any functionality or add new windows to the game. Don't change or remove any script includes or the interface will not function properly.
  • You only need to put the files you have actually modified in the custom UI folder. Any file that does not exist in your custom UI folder will be pulled from the default UI built into the game.

XML Editing

  • Make sure your event handlers match the ones in the default UI.
  • If you remove an element that is referenced in a script, it may cause the script to break. The safest thing to do is remove the texture from the element or have its position set so that it is off the screen.
  • CoreWindowTemplates.xml and UO_Default_UI_Templates.xml contain the majority of the templates used across the UI. Making changes to these templates will affect multiple windows across the interface.
  • UO_DefaultWindow is the template that is used for the standard windows in the game. Altering this template will change the look of all windows that contain a titlebar and a close button.
  • You can reload the XML definitions while the game is running by switching back and forth between the Default UI and your custom UI in the user settings screen.

Texture Editing

  • Our interface textures are in DXT (.dds) format. The following link has downloads for DXT tools and photoshop plugins: http://developer.nvi...ture_tools.html
  • Make sure you save your textures in DXT3 format
  • You can add new textures by adding them to the Textures.xml file found in the Textures folder.
  • Some textures are referenced by more than one template or window. Instead of modifying them in place, its best to put your customized art in a new texture and modify the xml to point to the new location.
  • The game must be restarted to see changes made to the textures.



    The Couch Hottie

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source taken from UO U.Hall


Huh? What is this about? I sure hope I don't have to become a computer wiz to be able to play KR.


Means you can customise the UI to your liking now. Basically the appearance, can't add in extras on a complex level like the WoW UI, at this time.


I will be checking this thread periodically over the weekend to field any questions that I can. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning. We plan to provide you guys with better documentation in the near future.

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention in the news is that your textures need to be a power of 2 (512x512, 256x512 etc) or they won't load properly!

UO Programmer


Just a question for all who like this kind of stuff , is this safe and non exploitable as in mentioned above about sharing?


Since we are not yet exposing the lua scripts, there is no way to exploit anything. All you can do at this point is change the appearance of the interface and not any functionality. Of course, as with downloading anything on the internet, it is possible that a virus could be packed with the custom UI. As long as the zip file only contains xml and textures you should be fine.


I can potentially see a way to modify every container gump with one shot, but is there a way to break them out into different containers?


At this point in time you can not modify the look of any gump based on dynamic information (ie the object type of a container) Since all containers use the same template, you will only be able to modify the look of every container gump. This may change in the future.

UO Programmer


I have no idea what I just read. And I'm not sure I'm gonna try this until some guide has been made... I will keep an eye out on that thread in Stratics and update here if SupreemEA answers any more questions -- Ally



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Thanks Ally. I felt the same way :-/


Another Quality Job by Atlas607



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I cannot open dds files with photoshop. Could anyone help me?

Here is what I did:
In the tutorial I found a link (in the last part of the tutorial) for texture editing tools: NVIDIA Texture Tools.
In that web I clicked on the link "Adobe Photoshop Normal Map and DDS Authoring Plug-ins".
In that link I scrolled the page to the very bottom and clicked on the following link: "Adobe Photoshop Normal Map and DDS Authoring Plug-ins Installer Version 8.23 (4.2 MB)".
After downloading I executed the file, and selected my photoshop directory to install to: "C:\Photoshop 7.0 Adobe".
After installing I double clicked a .dds file and got a window asking what program I wanted to open it with, I chose photoshop 7.0 but I get an error saying it cannot open it because its not the correct type of file. :angry5:

What am I doing wrong? Help please ;)

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