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Random resources Yay or Nay...

- - - - - nay random resources yay

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Nice discussion here.

I'm the typical casual gamer, and I tend to Warsongs side of the debate.

I do like the idea of making rare ressources more rare - after all valorite is supposed to be precious and hard to come by. But I do think it is done the wrong way.
I have a miner/blacksmith, no lumberjack (I trade ignots against boards with a friend) and never stockpiled large amounts. Just what I needed for enhancements and the occasional bod or the item I needed at that moment. When I ran out of ignots, I took my fire beetle and grabbed that runebook with mining spots no one else seems to use, that I tediously accumulated over the years and had a little trip to felucca (luckily the times seem to be over, when PKs went after miners). I often prefered the tranquility of the crafter to my warrior.
I didn't pay much attention to the "fix" because I thought OSI knows what they are doing. Well... now I ran out of what resources I still had lying around and wanted to enhance a few items my warrior had gathered over the last weeks. I estimated a need for about 150 val ignots, took my miner and went searching. I knew my old val runes wouldn't work anymore but tested them nonetheless, just to make sure - no valorite as expected. So I turned to strip mining as in the old days. Boy oh boy! Took my three hours to stumble upon 2 val spots yielding 50 ignots... Then I quit it and used the rest of my verite I still had.
Quite disheartening for the casual player indeed!

As said before: making rares rare is a good thing, but the should have reduced the yielding rate for the high end ores - for example iron yielding 30 ores, gold 10 and val 4 - or something in that manner. Would make it harder to come by, but the casual miner still had a chance to get what he needs.
Of course the scripter still gets many more, but now he is even more in advantage because he can send his char strip mining around a mountain for days on end and get huge amounts of every ore type.

I really really hate scripters, but this patch brought me to the brink of considering it....

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