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Governor Winfield of the PaxLair Statehood

will hold a Hearing regarding the



"PaxLair Statehood Law of Neutrality"

(PaxLair Laws List)

versus the


"PaxOku Decree of Banning Paladins"

(PaxOku Decree Discussion 1 and 2)



atop the Mage Tower roof in PaxLair City, Felucca

on Monday, August 6, 2007

at 9:00 PM ET sharp


People are asked to assemble around 8:30 PM ET at the Mage Tower to speak with lawyers, paladins, humans, orcs, knights, homeless, and all other people affected by this case.

Hearing #1 (July 24) News and Discussion

Hearing #2 (August 1) News and Discussion



PaxLair Statehood Law of Neutrality

PaxLair is a Community of Neutrality. People or groups coming to PaxLair in the spirit of Neutrality will not be attacked, stolen from or banned unless they violate PaxLair's laws, are considered untrustworthy, or have been declared criminals of the Community.

PaxOku Decree of Banning Paladins

I, Gareth Lightenburg, Mayor of PaxOku, on July 10, 2007, do hereby Decree that For the security of the city of PaxOku and its citizens, all Paladins are to be removed and kept out of PaxOku City until such time as the government of PaxOku can identify the threat to the water supply and secure it in PaxOku city.

The following PaxLair Statehood Law has also been mentioned, but deemed irrelevant:

Exclusion by Distrust Law

Paxlair is a Community. Known persons or groups that are a dividing force in the furtherance of the community may be declared untrustworthy by the Governor. Persons or groups that are not trustworthy will not be permitted to access buildings, message centers, or various PaxLair services as deemed necessary. Distrusted status may only be removed by the Governor. Distrusted parties are not protected by the Neutrality Law.

The Governor has stated that the above law is not relevant in this hearing for three reasons: 1) No case has been made to the Governor that any group or class of people be declared Untrustworthy. 2) Only the Governor may declare a person or group Untrustworthy within the Statehood. 3) This law was designed as the most severe action against any person or group who has shown action and intent to destroy the basic fabric of the PaxLair Community inside and outside the Realm.



Mayor NANOC of Dragons Watch will make the case for the Statehood Law of Neutrality.


Mayor Gareth of PaxOku will make the case for the Decree of Banning Paladins.


The question has been raised to Governor Winfield to rule on whether the Decree is unlawful under the Statehood Law of Neutrality.


Testimony has been given in two previous hearings. At this hearing, Governor Winfield will generally lead the questioning so he may receive clarification and further testimony to render a decision of Law.


Governor Winfield may ask for additional statements from the audience.


NOTE: All are invited in peace. Disruptors will be removed from the premises for the duration of the hearing.




PaxLair City, Felucca - Mage Tower is the East Twin Tower

in front of the Outdoor Arena





PaxLair is NW of the Compassion Shrine on Felucca, Chesapeake





Rune to the Mage Tower in PaxLair City, Felucca is

at the Tea House on the NE end of PaxOku, Homare-jima, Tokuno


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