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Too early for FoF Questions? I have a few from a 2D perspective. Sell it to me EA

- - - - - 2d ea early fof perspective questions sell

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source UO U.Hall

In an effort to be open minded about the KR client, I would like to post some questions about the new KR client . My goal here is to educate myself about it and learn and how my hardheaded-ness may be impeading the progress of UO.

I know there are many Pro-KR people who have been voicing their opinions on how the lack of KR adoption will hurt UO, some even suggest will kill it.

Please , no 2D vs. KR bashing. Trying to be open minded here:

1. If UO is free of the 2D client, will that allow you guys to deal with cheats , possibly even end them?

2. If UO is free of the 2D client, will this allow some dynamic content to be added that could not be added because of the need to support both clients.

3. Are there things that would be able to be done to the graphics to make them even better if the 2D client was gone.

4. Is having 2 clients connect to the server creating any server side issues , lag or other that may encourage us to switch?

I'm not asking to be convinced to switch. I am trying to determine the impact of choosing the 2D client has on the community as a whole.


Definitely without 2d they can concentrate more on KR and the issues, so 2d is a 'burden' for KR.

But I cannot see you getting definitive answers for most of your questions.

Except for 2) They always could add dynamic content and sometimes even did so, just probably decided expansions sell better than free content.

Though the official answer probably is that 'with KR the implementation of new content will go lots quicker!'

Very good questions.. I don't really like KR as of now, but interesting in these questions.

Like on KR.. when people are doing DF, most of the time I cannot even see or target it. I have trouble distiguishing stuff in KR -- that is my biggest hate against KR


It's sort of a peculiar set of questions, from the way I'm looking at it. What we really want is for people to play the client that is the most fun for them, and will therefore keep them giving us money. We think that KR has the potential to be more fun for more people than 2D - that's why we're working so hard on it, and asking everyone to tell us how to make it even more fun. But y'all shouldn't be making your client choice for what are, essentially, political reasons - pick the client that you like the best. All we ask is that you keep an open mind about, and keep reading the patch notes for, KR - and maybe give it a whirl from time to time.

E. Jeremy Dalberg
UO Community Coordinator
EA Mythic


I'm a bit dismayed at your response. My reasons aren't political, they are about the betterment of the community, which I guess in a way it political but not my intention...so....

Ok , lets take it this way. I'm greedy. I want the best client I can have.

The questions posed are designed for me to make my greedy choice. I want to know if I am stifling my chances of getting the best client I can have.

Now will you answer?

Ill add: Wouldnt you want the players to know why things can or cant be done? I really cant think of a bad reason why. Its marketing 101. You want to give the person all of the information and the added benefits of changing from one product to another. You never want to hide benefits, unless of course there are none , or at least none that we have asked about so far.


Well, ok:

- Cheating. Look, folks, NO ONE is free of cheating. Show me an MMO no one cheats in and I'll show you an MMO that has no subscribers. Working on just one client is easier, time- and effort-wise, than working on two, but the 2D client isn't the "reason" we haven't stopped cheating yet. It's an ongoing - and perpetual - process.

- As above, content takes a percentage more time and effort when we have to make it work in two clients. The new engine also allows things that the old one simply doesn't. Doesn't mean we won't have the occasional bit (or expansion-pack-full) of KR-only content, though.

- Yes, not having to worry about the old engine will let us do some cool stuff. Which is why the new areas in SA are planned to be KR-only.

- Doesn't cause any server-side issues that I'm aware of.

The above shouldn't have any particular impact on any given person's choices, though. Play what's fun for you. If KR isn't fun, tell us why. That's all we want.

E. Jeremy Dalberg
UO Community Coordinator
EA Mythic


I guess these are the things Im have a problem digesting. I want to know what cool stuff, and I think it should have an impact on a decision made about which client to (I) use. I want cool stuff and I want UO to get back to being UO. If choosing a client that I am not comfortable with will eventually lead to that , I want to make the right choice.


It's not a one-time decision. It's a choice you can make after every patch, during every event, if you upgrade your system, if you prefer different clients for different tasks. If you like 2D now, but you get really excited about SA once we actually start showing you the cool stuff, you can switch.

This is the advantage, to all of us, of it being free. There is no barrier to jumping back and forth, to testing it out, to being completely unable to make up your mind. It's all good.

E. Jeremy Dalberg
UO Community Coordinator
EA Mythic




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Jeremy put that very well. I'm still not a fan of KR yet, but maybe I'll give it more time than I have so far.



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same here adri
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