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Peerless/ML Dungeon Guides

- - - - - dungeon guides ml dungeon guide peerless guide peerless or ml

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I am also posting here an updated list of guides,by kind permission of Noie from Stratics.

If there are any questions you have which havent been answered,please post them and we will happily find the answer for you.

Select Dungeon from List below.

Twisted Weald


Prism of Light

Blighted Grove




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reproduced here [with some additons ] by kind permission of Noie from Stratics Many thanks Noie :)

Dungeon Overviews--

The dungeon called the Twisted Weald, so named for the twisting stretch of winding sands.

To gain entry you need to accept a quest first.

Its an idea to get this before travelling top the mushroom cave.

Obtain the quest from Lorekeeper Calendor,in Heartwood.

[ Go to the nearest Moongate. If you have not yet started your character, consider starting it in Moonglow. Moonglow Moongate is very easy to reach from the city. Gate to the city of Yew and walk to the center of town, which is due south of the Moongate (Head to the bottom left of your screen). You will see Winn the Elven Emissary standing next to a gate. Take the gate to Heartwood.

Go down and then to the right, past the bowcrafters and talk to Lorekeeper Calendor. She will tell you all about Dreadhorn.Accept the quest].

Then onto the Dungeon,which is located in Ilshenar,

Posted Image

west of the Spirituality moongate,

Posted Image

inside the

mushroom cave.
Posted Image

This dungeon is comprised of three sections.

The first section is a sparsely wooded area.

In the southern part of this area is the Twisted Weald Champ Spawn.

In the northeastern part
, <img src="http://uo.stratics.com/hunters/Pics/transpar/eagle.gif "align=right>lives a purple eagle-like bird named Swoop.

Just look for the mass of EVs and purple corpses, and you've found Swoop. It is an easy kill and drops decent loot along with marties. Killing time in the Weald? Might as well kill Swoop.

The second section is a twisting maze of sand.

It is the product of devs coming up with ideas while not entirely sober. The sand slows you down to a walk. It is filled with cu sidhes - the ever so popular colorful mutt, dire wolves, discording satyrs, peacing dryads, and spasmatic changlings. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make it through this area alive while being peaced by the dryads and smacked by the changelings. At the very end of this maze is the opening to Gnaw's cave. Gnaw is a blue dire wolf, not much harder than a paragon dire wolf.

The third section is a wooded area corrupted into a swamp.

Some of the original woodland can be seen, interspersed with patches of swamp. Safe travel can only be found along in the original woodland. Traveling over the swamp lands will cause various spiders to appear. Best bet? Just don't step on the swamp lands. Living in this area are three changelings - Irk (fire), Spite (red), and Guile (green). All three have very nasty tempers. They don't spawn in a fixed location, but can spawn anywhere; however, they seem to spawn in the southern portion most of the time. Also living in the southern area, beneath their webs, are the spiders Lady Sabrix and Lady Lissith.

At the very southwesternmost corner, there is a small statue that is used to access the peerless boss of the area, Dreadhorn.

Keys Overview

Six keys are needed to access Dreadhorn - Thorny Briar, Gnaw's Fang, Blighted Cotton, Irk's Brain, Lissith's Silk, and the Eye of Sabrix.

When spawned with a full timer, these last approximately 6 hours. They start decaying from the point of spawning, so if they haven't been gathered in a few hours, the ones you get may not have much time left.

The first key, the Thorny Briar, is a reddish bramble that spawns in the twisting sands. It is one of the easiest to get, as you just pick it up on your way through the sands. It can spawn anywhere in this area, with the exception of inside Gnaw's cave.

The second key, Gnaw's fang, is obtained by killing the blue dire wolf named Gnaw. It will spawn on his corpse and is bright green. Gnaw's fang spawns at a fairly high rate, so you should only have to kill a couple before you get one.

The third key, the Blighted Cotton, is another easy one to get. It spawns in the last section where Irk, Lady Lissith, and Lady Sabrix live. It is a lovely puke green color. If you have problems seeing it, use the handy Control + Shift and you will see plenty. It spawns endlessly, so don't worry about not being able to find one, or twenty.

The fourth key, Irk's Brain, is gotten from killing the fire colored changeling Irk. Irk is a real spaz and can hit fairly hard. This is the most challengeing key to get. The spawn rate doesn't seem to be as high as Gnaw's key, so be prepared to kill 4 or 5.

The fifth key, Lissith's Silk, is found on Lady Lissith. She is the weaker of the two named dread spiders that spawn in the southern part of the swamp area. Her silk is lilac colored. The spawn rate for the key is fairly high, so you should get one after 2-3 times.

The sixth key, the Eye of Sabrix, is gouged from Lady Sabrix. She is the harder named dread spider. She spawns in the same location as Lady Lissith. The eye is a bright blue color (similar to glacial). It is very easy to miss on the corpse, so be sure to move everything to look for it. The spawn rate seems to be a bit less than Lissith's Silk, often takes 5 or so times to get one.

After you have all six keys, you take them to the southwestern edge and drop them onto the statue. Doing this will give you three white bottles in your pack (same graphic as corrupted water).
These will last for approximately 8 minutes.
Double clicking one will pop up a window that asks if you want to teleport your party.
Clicking yes will send a pop up to each member of your party that is nearby, asking if they want to go.
This can be used anywhere inside the Weald, or outside near the entrance.
Likely it can be used anywhere at all - just haven't tested that.

Peerless Boss Overview

The peerless boss for the area is a corrupted unicorn named Dreadhorn.
Its resists are generally in the 50s-60s.
From lowest to highest, they are physical, cold, fire, and poison/energy.
His damage is 40% physical and 60% poison.
The fey slayer is suspected to work against him.

Dreadhorn will target the first person that teleports in.
If you decide to go first, have invisibility precast or be ready to hide.
His special attacks include a weak area spell, high level poison, and the ability to teleport his victims within striking range. The poison is best cured using the spell Arch Cure or Greater Cure potions.
He runs fairly slowly (nothing compared to the spazzy changelings), so you have a good chance of running away and hiding if he is chasing you down.
When he is close to dying, he will normally invis himself at least once.

The loot consists of various intensity weapons, armor, and jewelry; the normal ingredients; a mangled Dreadhorn head; a pristine Dreadhorn head; a Dreadhorn horn; Mushrooms; a Dreadhorn mane; Dreads Flute; Dreads Revenge; and around 7-8k gold.





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Peerless/ML Dungeon Guides [/B]reproduced here [with some additons ] by kind permission of Noie from Stratics Many thanks Noie :)

Once a prestigious academy for necromancers striving to enhance their craft, Bedlam is now the home of a monstrosity created by their grisly experiments. Most of the students have fled and the remaining instructors struggle to regain control of the school, with very little success. Outsiders are not welcome to assist without invitation; a dubious honor which must be earned. Characters enter through the main gatehouse of the fortified manor.

The usual undead can be found here: Bone Knights, Bone Magi, Patchwork Skeletons, Rotting Corpses and Gore Fiends. And, of course, the Monstrous Interred Grizzle and the necromancers that are striving to bring this creature back under control.

Dungeon Overview


Bedlam is located on the Malas facet at 22o20'N 53o13'E. The entrance to the dungeon is an iron maiden, located by the bloodletters.
To enter, you must accept a quest from Aeryna, Mistress of Admissions, and complete the first few steps.

You will need to kill pixies, unicorns, and kirin, and speak to the Mayor in Luna (located near the bank). Once you've completed the first few steps of the quest, you will be able to enter.

Double click the iron maiden for entrance.

There are two levels to the dungeon.

The first level has everything that has to do with the Peerless Boss. The second level, entered through the crypt in the cementary, contains a champ spawn.

The layout of the first level is similar to a town. There are near the entrance is open. Directly west of the entrance, is a gated cementary. Named undead spawn in and around the cementary. To the north of the cementary is that admissions building, occupied by Master Gnosos. To the north of this building is a small hut where Master Theophilus spawns. In his building is the table to drop keys. Along the east side of the dungeon, north of the entrance, is Red Death's stable. He is sometimes in his stable, and sometimes nearby. On the furthest north edge of the dungeon is the library, humble home of the oozy Monstrous Interred Grizzle.

You need to complete a quest from Master Cohenn to enter.

Keys Overview

Five keys and a quest are needed to access the Monstrous Interred Grizzle. The keys can be obtained without the quest, but in order to make it to the Boss, you'll eventually need it.

The quest is obtained from Master Cohenn, The Librarian.
He can be found wandering around the northwestern part of the dungeon. He is fairly easy to find, being one of four yellow named individuals.
It seems that some of the undead have stolen his thesis notes and he wants you to bring them back. He's a muttering old nutter, so you'd best do it or else!

The five keys are called Disintegrating Thesis Notes.

They're called this because they have a timer and will disintigrate *poof* if you're too slow.
The timer lasts for about an hour.

All five are identical - they look just like magery scrolls. Any of the named undead (Sir Patrick, Lady Marai, Lady Jennifyr, Master Jonath, and Master Mikael) will drop them as loot.
These guys normally wander in and near the cementary.
The spawn rate is fairly low, so you may have to kill 6-8 before getting one. Just keep whacking them down, and eventually you'll have enough.

Once you have all five keys, you can return them to Master Cohenn (the yellow guy). He will give you the librarian's key, which has a timer of about an hour.
Take this key and drop it in the northwestern most little house onto the little table. Be careful as this is the same house where Master Theophilus, the insanely evil necromancer, spawns.
This will give you three teleporting papers.
When double clicked, they will pop up a gump on your screen asking you if you want to teleport your party.
If you click yes, it will give each member of your party that is nearby a gump asking if they wish to be teleported.
This will teleport you into the Monstrous Interred Grizzle's very plush two story apartment.

Peerless Boss Overiew

The Monstrous Interred Grizzle is...well....it seems to be the Frankenstein of the undead animal world.
His (or its, take your pick) resists range from the low thirties to about 75. Lowest to highest, they are poison, physical, cold, and fire and energy (these two are usually tied). His damage type is 60 physical, 20 fire, and 20 energy.

When you are teleported in, you start on the south side of the bottom floor near the door.
Careful, running back into the doorway, or the teleport tile on the west side between the bookcases will result in your chicken butt being teleported outside.
(If the keys have already expired, you won't be able to get back in.)
After you kill him, you'll leave one of these two ways, being sent directly outside.
There is a staircase leading to the second floor and a bunch of bookshelves to block your way.

The Monstrous Interred Grizzle starts on the second floor.
Evidently he wasn't expecting company.
He was probably using one of the desks to have a nice read.
Now don't you feel bad for disturbing his day?
No wonder he wants to kill you.

And he's pretty darn good at killing too. He has a couple of special attacks that make him a menance.

First, and most annoying, he has a cacophonic blast that slows you way, way down. The effects are similar to the lag at an event (or dialup...).

Second, he spits a yellow ooze onto the ground. If stepped on, this will severly damage your armor, your weapons, and your person.

You have about a second to move away after he spits it.
He never spawns any helpers...maybe it's the smell?

The Monstrous Interred Grizzle
loot includes normal peerless loot - weapons, armor, talismans, ingredients. His specials are a Grizzled Mare statue, tombstones, Grizzled armor set, Grizzled skull collection, blob o' grizzle, Grizzled bones, and the ever famous chance to drop a crimson cinture.

For additional details about this dungeon, including maps and a list of creatures found here, check out http://uo.stratics.c...ghtedgrove.php'> UO STRATICS DUNGEONS: BEDLAM




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Peerless/ML Dungeon Guides reproduced here [with some additons ] by kind permission of Noie from Stratics Many thanks Noie :)

Confused and trapped within crystalline caves, the shimmering effusion waits, fascinated with its own light and reflections in the bright clear water.

Adventurers enter the dungeon magically through the assistance of a magical creature/NPC.

Other creatures of energy and light exist within the shimmering passageways, including Wisps, Dark Wisps, and Shadow Wisps. Surrounding the Shimmering Effusion are Fetid Essences, Corporeal Brumes, and Mantra Effervescences.

Dungeon Overview

Prism of Light

....is located in both the Trammel and Felucca facets at approximately 46o30'N 173o23'E, just north on Nujel'm (still on the island).

The entrance is heavily guarded by Lefty The Ticket Seller.

He will let you enter the Prsim for a hefty sum of 10k gold pieces.
If you refuse to pay, he might just beat you with a shovel - or he might continue just standing there.
If you do pay (through the quest system), he will give you a ticket of admission.
This will allow you to go down the double ladders into the Prism.

The setup of

Prism of Light

is unique among UO dungeons.
It is a series of one-way rooms - you can never leave the way you entered.

You can only ever go forward from room to room.
The only way to leave is by double-clicking your ticket.
Your ticket will last for 24 hours, so leave before then.
On the plus side, most of the rooms are fairly small and none are mazes, so where to go is logical.

The first room has no hostile critters, just wisps and shadow wisps.
[ Okay, hostile if you're evil, but then what do you really expect?]

Go north through the room until you come to curtains.
Behind these curtains is a pair of doors.
Open these and continue to the north end of the room.
There are two holes in the floor here, one to the west and one to the east.
You want to jump down the one to the west.
Jump down the one to the east once too, just for fun.

This second room
has no critters whatsoever.
As part of the new virtue quests, there is a Prismatic Amber that spawns here.
This is a squarish room.
The majority of the floor is covered with blue crystals.
On one tile of these crystals is a jagged beam of light.

To go to the next room, you need to step on this light.While you try to step on it, oft times it will run away.The floor does some cold damage, but only enough to be a nuisance, not a danger.

Stepping on the light will zap you into the third room.

This room is full of crystal daemons.
The room winds to the east. Just run along until you reach the end where you'll see another hole in the ground. Jump on in.

This will take you to the fourth room.
From here on the rooms are harder.
The residents of this room are the crystal hydras and crystal sea serpents. The river does cold damage.
The area near where you entered is safe from this damage as is the one tile area closest to the walls and the area near the exit.
To get to the next room, follow the river to the south side of the room.
There will be another hole. Jump again.
If you want to get to the other side of the river, walk to the south side, and then around the base and back up.

The fifth room really resembles a hole
It is full of crystal vortexes and glacial hued crystal elementals.
The room itself poses no danger, just the critters that live there.
The elementals do an area cold damage.
Stand too close and they will hurt you and reveal you if you're hiding (from the damage, not a spell).
You enter on the west side of the room.
The next hole is on the east side.

The sixth room contains the ever lovely (and rich) crystal lattice seekers.
The room branches in two directions.
If you go to the east you will find a healers room.
It is safe inside this room and you can get rezzed, along with accepting various quests.
This is the one of the two rooms where you can go back and forth between it and the prior one. In felucca, this is where ferrets spawn.
If you go to the west, then down and around the big crystal structure, you will find a white gate.
Going through this gate will take you to the next room. There is also a white ladder.
It's not so useful, unless helping you die is useful.

The seventh,
and final, room looks like a building.
It is occupied by frozen mummies and protectors.
There are a couple alcoves off of it.
Two on the south side, one that contains the portal you're in (you can go back through this portal).
There is another on the north side, it leads no where, but let's you get a glimpse of the Shimmering Effusion's room.
In the center of this room are six pillars.
This is where you drop the keys.

Keys Overview

There are six keys that need to be obtained to reach the Shimmering Effusion - Scattered Crystals, Shattered Crystals, Crushed Crystals, Jagged Crystals, Pieces of Crystals, and Broken Crystals.

They all look like various amounts of crystals.

The first three are white crystals; the last three are blue crystals.

When spawned with a full timer, these last approximately 6 hours.
hey start decaying from the point of spawning, so if they haven't been gathered in a few hours, the ones you get may not have much time left.

The first key, Scattered Crystals, is a white crystal.
It is obtained from the crystal daemons in the third room.
These are fairly easy and have a high drop rate.
You should be able to get one after two daemons.

The second key, Shattered Crystals, is a small white crystal.
It is gotten by killing the very friendly crystal hydras in the fourth room.
Like normal hydras, these guys have super bad and colorful breath.
The spawn rate for the key is decent; you should get one after 1-3, depending on your luck.

The third key, Crushed Crystals, is a large white crystal.
It uses the same graphics as the quest crystals.
It is found, rarely, on the crystal sea serpents.
These guys are easy to kill, but are found in the same room as the hydras, which can make things a bit deadly.
The key has a low spawn rate.
You may need to kill 10-20 serpents to get a key.

The fourth key, Jagged Crystals, is a small blue crystal.
It spawns in the fifth room on the crystal vortex.
Often times a bugged version of the key, labeled Broken Crystals, will spawn instead of the real deal.
This has no timer and cannot be picked up.
Add this to a low spawn rate, and this one can be down right annoying to get.

The fifth key, Pieces of Crystals, is a blue crystal.
It can be located on the corpse of a crystal lattice seeker in the sixth room. It has a decent spawn rate and can usually be gotten in 4-5 kills.

The final key, Broken Crystals, is a larger blue crystal.
It is guarded with the lives of the frozen mummies in the seventh room.
The mummies are guided by the protectors.
Who protects the protectors?
Evidently your fist. This key has a high spawn rate, which is nice since the mummies have a decent amount of hit points.
You should get one after one or two tries.

Once you have all the keys, you drop them into the six pillars located in the center of the mummy room.
There are three blue pillars and three white pillars.
Starting with the left blue pillar and going clockwise, the order to drop the keys is
Broken Crystals (mummy),
Crushed Crystals (sea serpent),
Pieces of Crystals (lattice seekers),
Shattered Crystals (hydra),
Jagged (vortex),
and Scattered (daemon).

Dropping all the crystals into the pillars will give you three teleporting keys.

These will last for approximately 8 minutes.
Double clicking one will pop up a window that asks if you want to teleport your party.
Clicking yes will send a pop up to each member of your party that is nearby, asking if they want to go.
This can be used anywhere inside the Prism, or outside near the entrance.

Peerless Boss Overview

The peerless boss in the Prism of Light is, not surprisingly, a big ball of conceited light named Shimmering Effusion.
It has resists in the 60s-70s, from the lowest fire/cold to the highest energy/poison/physical.
It deals damage in equal parts of all resists.
It has very high magery skills.
Has no food preference; maybe it doesn't live long enough to get hungry?

The Shimmering Effusion area is setup quite nicely.
There is a main area where Shimmering lives.
This area is connected to a second one by a red moongate.

If you walk through this moongate, you will be in a long hallway.
If you walk east along this hall, you will reach a rezzing anhk - very nice feature.
If you walk west along the hall, you will find another red moongate.
Going through this second moongate will take you outside.
This is probably inadvisable while Shimmering is still alive.

The Shimmering Effusion itself isn't much of a bad boy.
It hits moderately hard.
It heals pretty slowly and all by itself would die a quick death.

But Shimmering is not alone.

It seems to like its appearance so much, that it spawns little copies of itself whenever it feels like it.
There are three different types of these:
Mantra Effervescence,
Corpreal Brume,
and Fetid Essence (listed in order of difficulty).

The Mantra is pretty much a pushover. It is very weak, and has no real threatening special moves.

The Corpreal is quite a bit tougher. It has a damaging area spell and hits much, much harder.

The Fetid is the worse. It not only hits harder and does area damage, but also poisons. All of these are fairly slow, so you should be able to outrun them.

Loot from Shimmering Effusion consists of the usual - armor, weapons, talismans, ingredients and special items.
Special items are a bottle of Essence, statues of the four baddies, decorative crystals, crystalline ring, and a ferret imprisoned in a crystal.
Oh, and of course, the chance for a crimson cinture.

For additional details about this dungeon, including maps and a list of creatures found here, check out UO STRATICS DUNGEONS: PRISM OF LIGHT





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Peerless/ML Dungeon Guides reproduced here [with some additons ] by kind permission of Noie from Stratics Many thanks Noie :)

Posted Image

One of the oldest trees in existence, the ancient Yew that is tied to Lady Melisande is twisted and grotesque. Too powerful to die in the swampy ground, as the others of its kind have, its mighty roots draw upon blighted soil to live. The immense trunk and squat shape tilts dangerously, with tangled mud clotted roots exposed along an entire third of its perimeter. The tree leans precariously but endures, the poison of its needles and seeds bringing agonizing death to wildlife that wanders too near. Adventurers enter the blighted grove by passing under the exposed roots of the tree and work their way along the downed branches and the rotted out interior of the trunk. Every aspect of the Yew tree is poisonous and dangerous. Footing within the tree is precarious and with every fall and cut the character is exposed to another dose of the lethal poison.

Roosting in the revolting branches of the tree are hideous harpies. Changelings delight in tormenting characters, while Bog Things, Boglings, Corpsers, Whipping Vines, Swamp Tentacles, and Reapers are much in evidence. Giant serpents and monstrous hydras weave their way through branches and swampy ground. Enslaved and insane dryads and satyr serve Lady Melisande.

Dungeon Overview

Blighted Grove

The Blighted Grove is located in both the Trammel and Felucca facets at 1o56'S 52o1'W, just east of the Shame dungeon. The entrance to the dungeon is at the base of a large tree, obsecured by vines. If you see Jamal the FIsherman, you'll know you're close. To fight through the vines, you'll need a bone machete. You can go through the trouble of doing the quest from Jamal the Fisherman with your smith, or just be lazy and buy one (or steal one from Ginger - same difference). Everytime you push through the vines, there is a chance your machete will break. It's a good idea to insure it. If you don't believe me, don't insure. Once you die a few times and have to go find other one to get your body back, you'll probably fork over the 600 gold, you cheapskate you.

The dungeon is physically separated into two areas. The main area is a swampy looking place with dead trees. There are several named critters that spawn. Each one has it's own alcove off of the main area - there are four total. These will not stray out of their area unless they see a target - aka you or your pet. Starting from the bottom and going counter clockwise, the named beasties are Coil, Thrasher, Abcess, and Tangle. Each one has some friends to keep them company. Coil lives with silver serpents, Thrasher lives with alligators, Abcess lives with Hydras, and Tangle lives with Bog Things and changlings. (Maybe it's not so much friends as their harem?) Also living in the main area are insane dryads - they live in the trees and wait for you to walk by and pounce on you. Also in this main room is the Frightened Dryad and a basket for placing keys.

The second area is reached by walking up the large root to the west of the entrance and into a vine covered cave door (some dev really liked the vine graphic). Inside the cave lives Saliva, along with two changelings and several harpies. This room does a constant area affect spell which is really more annoying than harmful.

Keys Overview

Unlike the keys for the other peerless bosses, the keys for this peerless are obtained through a quest. Speak to the Frightened Dryad and she will give you a quest to kill Saliva and 12 insane dryads. They're just making her life miserable. If you help her out, she'll give you her blessing. The dryads are located in the trees in the main area. Run around the trees and they will pop out at you. Kill them and keep running around. Like all dryads, they will annoy you by peacing you and your pets. Eventually, you will learn the few spots they spawn in. They spawn in the same locations in Trammel and Felucca. Saliva lives in the cave off of the main area. She isn't too hard to kill, but the changelings can make it more complicated by being pests (let's face it, have you ever known changelings to not be pests?).

Once you have completed the quest, you can keep it until you wish to challenge Lady Melisande. When you're in the mood for a butt whooping, go back and talk to the Frightened Dryad with your completed quest. She will give you her blue Dryad's Blessing. It will last for approximately an hour. You drop this in the basket next to her, to receive three black blobs. When double clicked, they will pop up a gump on your screen asking you if you want to teleport your party. If you click yes, it will give each member of your party that is nearby a gump asking if they wish to be teleported. This will take you all up to Lady Melisande's branch.

Peerless Boss Overview

Lady Melisande is a lonely old necromancer. She lives on a branch in the top of the Blighted Grove with her harem of four enslaved satyrs (they are a bit cranky, when you meet her I'm sure you'll understand why). Her resists range from the upper 40s to 70s. From lowest to highest, they are fire, physical, cold, energy, and poison. Her damage is 50% fire and 50% energy. She does not like food and has no pack instincts - too bad for the satyrs. No slayers have been confirmed to work against her.

She lounges at the opposite end of the branch where you teleport in to. Which is good news because it means you have time to relax and get organized before she talks you to death. She is surrounded by four enslaved satyrs. Unlike normal satyrs, these are aggressive and will start discording you and your pets as soon as you walk up there. If you're a tamer and discorded, be sure to watch your pets' loyalty. Being the necro mage that she is, Lady Melisande loves to wither. Her withers are incredibly strong - at 70s resist against them, they will still do 30-40 damage if you are close to her. They are area based, so the closer you are the stronger you will get hit. Other than wither, she has the ability to slow down anyone that is doing direct damage to her. She can also make you naseous (which comes with a nice graphic of you bending over - wonder what you're doing). At half live, she will spawn an enslaved satyr. At close to no life, she may spawn up to three things - a reaper on the west side of the branch, an insane dryad in the center of the branch, and a stone harpy at the eastern edge of the branch.

Lady Melisande's loot includes the usual - weapons, armor, jewelry, ingredients. She also drops colored hair dye, Eternally Corrupt Trees, Melisande's Fermented Wine, an Albino Squirrel Trapped in a Crystal, Melisande's Corroded Hatchet, and diseased bark. Like all Peerless Bosses, she has a chance to drop a Crimson Cinture.

For additional details about this dungeon, including maps and a list of creatures found here, check out UO STRATICS DUNGEONS: BLIGHTED GROVE


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