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Announcing The


Focused On


the wonderful



Come to the

Lion's Den in New Haven (Trammel, Chesapeake)


8:30 PM Eastern Time


Tuesday, July 31, 2007


to meet and become part of a

Growing Chesapeake Community

of free-spirited and creative

People Who Live In The Realm





Agenda (July 31, 2007):


- 8:30 PM ET - Gather and mingle with others. Stake out your Spot inside or outside for your group.

- 9:00 PM ET - Governor Winfield of PaxLair will welcome everyone to the event. He will do this inside the Dueling Pit.

- 9:05 PM ET - Meet all you can. Gather books and runes and talk to anyone who interests you. Exchange "contact" information.

- 10:00 PM ET - adjourn, continue the event, go on tours of establishments and places, or have adventures.




This "Recruiting" event is a pre-cursor to a larger event called the "Festival of Races" to be held at the end of August.


The large Festival of Races event is being planned for Sunday night, August 26, 2007 where there can be several events, adventures, and even quests. Additional Festival nights can be also planned for that week.


The August 2007 Festival of Races is intentionally slanted towards

meeting and better understanding the

elves, orcs, vampires, wraiths, dragons, humans, evil-doers, good-doers, and such.

It is also a great opportunity for anyone and everyone to promote their communities.


A long time ago, the PaxLair City held a Festival of Races with orcs, vampires, tribe, dwarfs, kobolds, and more. It was a very spontaneous event and enjoyed by many!!


- See the old PaxLair's Festival of Races Announcement (September 19, 1998)



Dwarves in 1998



Tribe in 1998



Vampires in 1998



Orcs in 1998

Suggestions for this "Recruiting" event are:


- bring books and runes to drop and hand out,

- meet as many of the people and races as possible,

- announce your events such as festivals, meetings, auctions, and regular adventures,

- promote your establishments with information and location,

- give people information in books about your "character's" history,

- be prepared to exchange pigeon (ICQ) or (PM Usernames on Forums).

- bring tables and chairs if you wish to recruit in the streets of New Haven too!

- use the Bank in New Haven to your advantage for more books, runes, etc.









Suggestions for assembling in the Lion's Den in New Haven are:


- Sit on the first floor if you wish to hear people in the dueling pit.

- Hang out in the Pub, Front Porch or wherever you want to attract people to meet you.

- Use the dueling pit for some combat demonstrations or to make announcements.

- Claim a spot (table) for your group to hand out items and explain things.

- Come in your group's uniforms and show your comraderie!


PLEASE give a book and rune to Governor Winfield regarding your race, city, guild, or establishment. He will do what he can to publish your information.

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