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UOAM is downloaded from his web site: . I STRONGLY suggest getting the beta version. UAOM is not compatible with UO:KR.

It is no longer updated since the release of UO:SE, so will NOT show MOST Mondain's legends areas. However, it is STILL the default map of maps. We get a few questions on UOAM, so we will attempt to adress them here, with the aid of our fellow posters.

When downloading, make sure you select all possible files with it. These include all tmap spots, daily rares, and more.

I downloaded UOAM and it won't track where I am

From Belxan's web site (http://uoam.net/uoam.html)

If you aren't running UOAssist then you are really missing out!
UOAM really shines when you're running UOA with it. Among the benefits are:

Houses and boats will show up in UOAM just like they do on UO's radar map.
UOAM can display notifications for things such as players going into Panic! mode and directions to a marker or player right in the game window.
UOAM can be controlled from directly within the game.
UOAM can automatically map out the player structures on your shard as you walk past them.
You'll never need to calibrate UOAM again.
Check out the section on the new UOAssist pane for details and a complete list of UOA enhanced features.

You even don't need to register UOA to enjoy these additional benefits. If you are too cheap to pay for UOA, get it anyway, run it and minimize it. That way you'll still get all the cool new UOAM features. (And before some of you get your shorts all wrapped up, Tug is not only aware of this, he has given me permission to tell you about it.)

Basically, you have to recalibrate UOAM everytime you login, unless you have UOA installed. you do NOT have to pay for it, just launch UO (2d version only) through it.

How do I get this server thingie to track me and my group?

I have a router at home. All you'd have to do is forward the port that ventrillo uses and itll work fine. Thats what I did with mine.

Also, all you'd have to do is go to www.whatismyip.com. That will tell you your IP. The one that your router is using as a mask, which is the one a friend would need to use to connect to you.

And for UOAM, you dont need your own server. There is one.

ultimaonline.gamigo.net is the domain name.
i forget the port number but im sure i can find it. i think its 7784 but ill have to double check.

when you sign up using that domain name, all people have to do is use the same password (i usually used bob). Anyone that logs on to that domain with the same password will log onto the same "image" of the server.

UOSE lands do not have tags for shops and points of interest?
Unfortunately, Belxan never posted a file with the UOSE labels. However, you CAN make your own labels by going to the area you wish to label. Then, from the menu (or right clicking on the map) select "new label", then type in the description. Next, you will be able to select an icon to denote that spot.

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