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This thread is a single post that will direct you to better parts of our forums to answer your question. The gold lettering is a web link to the appropriate area to find / ask a question.

Account question
When I log on one shard it says my account is XX mths old,when I log onto another shard it says a different age.Which one is right.?
This link will answer your question.

How do I gain (xyz) Stat? Check out or skill forum main page for the see-saw method, plus a list of which skill affects which stat.

How do I gain in (xyz) crafting skill (Mining, Smithing, Tinker, Fletcher, Carp, Arms lore, Tailor)?
All crafting skill guides are located in the Crafting Skills sub-forum

What are some templates for crafters?
Favorite Crafter Template

Where can I find other type templates (except PvP)?
Look in our Specific Skill Sub-forums and post your question there.

How do I gain / GM Locpicking?
See our treasure hunting sub-forum.

How do I gain / GM Cartography?
See our treasure hunting sub-forum.

How do I use a golem to train (xyz) weapon skill (and magery too!)?
See the Warrior Sub-forum for the Golem Training Guide

I have a question that is about PvP (template, tactics, gear), where do I post it?
We have a very active PvP forum, where you should post all template, gear, and tactics questions.

What are all the best possible UO Macros for a tamer,other then "use skill/animal taming/target last".?
Check the
Tamer Forum

Where can I download UO online? Not KR, but just normal UO 2D.

Here (ea ftp site) or here (Fileplanet)

I know with a Tamer Mage, a LRC Suit is a must,,, but how important (if at all) is luck?
Check the
Tamer Forum

Useful links

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