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July 3rd (Tuesday)


8:30 PM ET - Pre-meeting activity

9:00 PM ET - Meeting

10:00 PM ET - Post-meeting event (adventure, etc.)


Location - Lost Lands (T2A), Trammel - Haunted Ruins (10-22N 38-31W)




We will hold our Meeting in the Haunted Ruins (10-22N 38-31W) in the Lost Lands, Trammel


Bring some stools to sit on, or stand. Cases of Ale are always welcome!

We may move the meeting outside the ruin, to the south, if it's too hard to hear each other.


Guards and defenders against the Evil are appreciated.









Rune is in the orange-yellow runebook on the steps of the Tea House at the end of Monks Crossing in PaxOku, Homare-jima, Tokuno




People are encouraged to use PaxLair's UO Automap Server Link for the

meeting and pre- and post-meeting activities so people don't get lost.



Sample of UOAutomap Showing People in the Area.


See here for information about PaxLair's UO Automap Server Link.



Detailed information about the meeting is here. There are opportunities for introductions, announcements of events, and a weekly special guest.


Discussion about the meeting is here.


PaxLair is a Statehood of 5 cities on Chesapeake.

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