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Help with Strength gain

- - - - - gain strength

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source taken from UO U.Hall

My charactor has been stuck at 65 Str. for the past 3 weeks. I have not gained ONE point.

I'm in the middle of paging a GM for the umpteen millionth time...I paged last week and finally gave up.

Paging again but been at the magic number 6 for the past hour.

I am at 65 Str. 17 dex 71 intel with a 250 point stat cap.

I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of....any pointers or suggestions???


raise another stat and set it to minus then seesaw. and use a wepon and hit things


the only thing i could suggest is, lock int and dex so you only get checks against str.
are you at 720 skill cap? if so take 10 points from an easy skill ans see-saw between wrestling and arms lore.

It is a pain and took me probably about 4 days to get25 str but it'll get you their in the end.


hmm, it soulnds like your not at your skill cap so the see saw wont work anyway.
this has been addressed somwhat in this weeks publish notes. i think they become live on friday.
Again all i can suggest is train in skills which use str, even though you dont need them. you can allways turn them down later but your template skills mostly use int/dex checks so you need to train some things like wrestle.armslore,all weaps,mining,animal taming ect. train them to about 25 then do another skill.


Larisa, it's not you, it's Arms Lore (and anything else with Str as a secondary) Leurocian's got a fix in for this, but right now, Arms Lore won't raise your strength - switch to something with Str as a primary.

Skills with Str primary:

Mace Fighting
Resisting Spells
Animal Taming

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try fighting harder monsters that sometimes works for me when it's gets slow

Ziggy Stardust

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I generally keep the 6th character slot open to putz with 7 day wonders or in case I grow tired of a characters name and look ... I will if that happens stone all the skills off of the one I no longer am fond of and move them to the new fnagled looking named one...

aka I do alot of stat building... the most recent was a change of tamer bodies... took a previous male to a female (yet again) .. anyways... in the move left one skill on the stones and used focus to regain int.. did gain a bit of str for what ever but to get to the point str hung at 63... put the left off skill back on her made sure she was at the skill cap and popped over to the west britain warriors guild (the place with the training dummies on the roof) no melee skills on the tamer so turned up the fencing and just let her wail on the training dummy... she is now over 100 in str... still a bit to do but I cant stand being in one place too long sooo...

hope I made sense...(make sure no skills are turned down and your other stats are locked)




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just do this if need str then if can make arrow going up. Then goto new haven and fight undead there not sure why but they are blessed so they say i know for sure this is what I did. I had only 25 points left on my char that I was moving off so I went and got fencing weopen I went out and droped the extra 25 points gaining 0 fencing to 25 that gained me dex till I was ready then I went back with soul stone fragment and dumped the skills so then I had no fencing, then went out and did this over and over gaining dex till I was ok, then went did same thing gaining str. I hope you under stand this hehe

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