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Found 19 results

  1. Hey Everyone, I have a GM Mage that I am trying to GM wrestling on and I am getting really frustrated with being at a stand still with skill gain in the 90's. Here's my situation I used fighters hired from Jhelom to get up to about 91 or so. I would hire them, gate them back to my tower and then wrestle them with my spell book in hand and I even had all my armor and jewlerly on in order to reduce Reagent use for healing him and went from 20's to 91.3. At which point skill gain stopped. I macro'd with a fighter from the same location for 3.5 hours and didn't gain a single 10'th of a point.
  2. Thinking about building a Wrestler, so I'm looking for things that will take advantage of Wrestling's unique attributes (otherwise we're better off simply going with melee weapons). First, it looks that even while in Horrific Beast form your unarmed damage is only 2-8, making it by far the worst weapon for damage ever. Therefore, what are some things that you can either only do with an open hand or you can do better with an open hand? I know of... Stealing Potions Magery (& Mysticism) anything else? Maybe bandages can be applied faster while you have an open hand?
  3. Well I just finished wreslthing and went out but I still fizzle and I can't disarm or para blow anyone. So my question is what is the point to have wrestling? To me it is a waste of skill points. I play an inscription mage.
  4. Strahd

    Wrestling in Pvp

    Hello every1 just 1 simple question i noticed with my trammel wrestle mage that my special moves in fell against reds didnt work really good 120 wrestle 0 HCI Do i need max HCI for better chance to disarm an other player or has this no effect to the wrestle skill thx
  5. Never really worked this skill before and wondering how do you train it? Like what do I wrestle with to get gains at certain levels?
  6. What is the best way to train wrestling? Can you train it like parrying?
  7. I have a necro/mage. My guild is doing more more spawns and we are starting to get good at defending other guilds. MY mage does ok until we get raided. After reading different post I am thinking about putting wreslting or parrying on my mage. I wish I could put both but I can't unless I drop necro. Besides not being able to disarm would I still get them same perks if I use parrying instead of wrestling. I have parrying on a soul stone so it would be easlier to get the skills. My template is 105 necro 120 SS 120 Magery 120 Eval 120 Med 120 parrying or wreslting If I go with parrying I
  8. I just read that anatomy & eval int together give you the same bonuses that wrestling does by itself. So, i'm curious, if i have all 3 of those skills in my template, what would be the negatives of dropping wrestling?
  9. Do you need to have wrestling to deflect hit's or could I just get a 0-mage weapon? Thank you.
  10. imight be missing this what the purpose to having wrestling on a mage and is it necassary
  11. Guest

    Wrestling, anatomy, or both?

    First off, hello there! I'm new, both to the game (playing for 2 days now ) and forums. My questions are simple: is a combination of anatomy and evaluate intelligence, or wrestling better for a mage wishing to avoid being hit? Do the benefits from the skills stack? Thanks in advance for help.
  12. http://video.msn.com/v/us/v.htm?g=EC13EC35-F502-44A5-B31C-5DD40D2F531C&t=m10&f=06/64&p=hotvideo_m_edpicks&fg=&GT1=10056 The guy didnt have young status, so the bobcat totally aggro'd him. Unfortunately for the bobcat, this guy has at least grandmaster wrestling. He apparently didnt have any magery or healing as someone else had to clean his wounds for him
  13. I created a character on the account I started for my kids, since they don't want to use all the slots. This is a new account so 700 max skill points. Is there any advantage to going above 100 wrestle? The reason I ask is I'm putting together a "pure" mage, that looks like this: Magery 115 (ate a 120 scroll) Eval 115 (ate a 120 scroll) Resist 115 (for now) Med 117 Inscription 100 Wrestling 100 (currently 84) He has eaten a 115 wrestle scroll that I had laying around, but I'm not sure I need to work him that high and I could devote the extra skill points to something else. Is there any
  15. What would be the best things to wrestle or the best technique to get to 120 wrestling from 50?
  16. Been away from the game awhile and am trying to catch up on everything. I can't recall if the disarm special move replaced the arms lore + wrestling requirement or created it. Please let me know. It would be nice to move 100 points off my thief. TIA
  17. Just wondering if mages need wrestling here is my template 120 Magery 120 Eval 120 Med 105 Resist (trying to get it to 120) 50 scribe (getting it to 100) I still have 140 pts unused what should I do with em?
  18. I am having the worlds hardest time gming wrestling. i am at 98.2 just wanna get it to 100. 6 gp fighters do not take me up. 8 gp fighters do not take me up. Golems take me up about .2 each time i fight one... but i do WAY to much damage to them, actually i have killed 3 of them already cuz they don't last long. I have to try 7gp fighter yet but i doubt the success. i have 122 dex and it just seems to take forever. anyone else have any suggestions? thanks! Brandon
  19. I've looked everywhere i can think of, and i can't seem to find out, if a weapon with "use best weapon skill" can be used by someone with the skill wrestling? If anyone knows the answer, i'd apreciate it lol
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