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Found 18 results

  1. Hello All! I love the way the void demons look, but I'm curious as to how they work. I see all sorts of big, little and variably aggressive ones floating around - but I never see them mutant / evolve / grow. Can someone fill me in on the lore and on the mechanics of how these work? Is there a quest involving them? Thanks! ~M
  2. A notice posted up at every bank notes are hand delivered to all loyal subjects of Britania. Out Of Charecter - this is part of an Event Moderator story line that has been enjoyed by some of us on europa which is open to all. Questions can be answered on here or after the event please
  3. BAIKONUR, Kazakhstan (Reuters) – U.S. video game magnate Richard Garriott will blast off into space aboard a Russian spaceship on Sunday watched by his father, a NASA astronaut who went into space at the height of the Cold War. Garriott, who paid $35 million for a ride to the International Space Station, will lift off aboard the Soyuz TMA-13 spacecraft alongside U.S. astronaut Michael Fincke and Russian cosmonaut Yury Lonchakov at 1:03 p.m. (0503 GMT). Read the whole thing here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081011/sc_nm/us_space_kazakhstan Wonder if he's still taking all the shard fragme
  4. Prolly a stupid question, but how do I earn a Totem of the Void talisman?:-/
  5. VOID SHADOW WAR 2ND ANNIVERSARY See the Void Shadow War Reference Article Here for LOTS of information - Defeated on September 17, 2006. (Place Holder: more to come about this) Chesapeake Victory Dance in the Void Shadow Chamber on September 17, 2006
  6. to get to the new location you have to keep entering the broken moongate in Magincia until you arrive at the area. For those that cannot wait to set foot there I have a rune marked in a red rune book on the desk, on top floor of the Guards Rest (128o 25'N 15o 40'W Malas), runes called Broken Moon Gate.
  7. Price check on Totem of the void owned by no one. I am on Lake Superior. Any ideas???
  8. VOID SHADOW WAS DEFEATED ON CHESAPEAKE AT 9:35 PM ET, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2006 ======================================= The information Below is for Reference for other shards in the Realm and for future battles calling for great organization. The consolidated information will be archived on www.paxlair.com and stay on Stratics Chessy Board for as long as their services allow it. Please keep this Stickied until other shards have completed their battles. - Winfield But First, some Victory Images: ======================================= I am starting this thread to consolidate al
  9. I think I came across the best find I've ever had the other day. I was shopping in Luna, a favourite past time of mine. When I came across an owned by no-one Totem of the Void. Since it was selling for the regular price of 1.3 mill I snapped it up. I also found this, I payed 25k for it, but its worth far more War Hammer SC No negative buff 38 hit lightening 44 lower defence 35 DI
  10. Gates will be provided from the Umbra moongate at 8pm GMT (9pm CET). source This is essentially a roleplay event ,but ALL who have tales to tell or wish to hear others tales of the Void battles are welcome to attend Tabbitha [175582960 ]
  11. Gates will be provided from the Umbra moongate at 8pm GMT (9pm CET).
  12. Following the defeat of the Void Shadow I would propose a discussion and field trip to discuss the implications of this momentus event. I am proposing Sunday 1st October at 8pm Uk time Location to be confirmed [hopefully be nice to do it as part of Umbra University night please Aryala]
  13. I'll be there with a tamer keeping the spawn clear outside so returning ghosties don't get snotted. This is a shard wide event - not an RP one, not a 'loyalist' one. So far the score is VS 5 - Europa 0 Someone posted on the EU forum that the extra spawn is gone, so it may be JUST the VS in there now. That should make the job a bit easier. To anyone who hasn't been before - don't take summoned eles in the cave with you, the VS uses necro on any corpses lying around
  14. This Saturday all players on Drachenfels are requested to help in any way that they can, as our hero's attempt to kill the Void Shadow. This news is taken from a post by Medea[DF] the Drachenfels News reporter on Stratics Event Schedule: Saturday, Sep 23, 2006 Today we want to challenge the "Void Shadow" and his followers. We meet at 2pm (14:00 german time) at the Luna gate and heading for Illshenar afterwards. I wish them luck and hope they succeed in this monstrous task.
  15. Umm, I don't really have any screenshots (reporter's job anyways, right?) or anything but I just went to the new dungeon and the Void Shadow was no longer present!! Thanks for everyone who helped and did anything they could to battle this monster. Whether you were fighting, casting, dying, rezzing, crafting, or anything I missed your help is appreciated! Good job Chessy!
  16. This just in from Stratics news reporter Joy: LOP would like to extend an invitation to all of Pacific to join them in a quest to vanquish the evil Void Shadow that has taken up residence in Ilshenar.The party will meet at the Humility shrine in Ilshenar on Saturday, September 23rd at 7:30pm PDT. For those that are unaware, the Void Shadow can be reached by heading south of the Humility swamp, past the lizardman village, and all the way to the east of the Burnt Valley. Saying "roclasmpy" to the ancient rock at the end of the valley will take players to the Void Shadow's lair, a
  17. Part I of IV Our world is in chaos. As rifts appear through the land of Sosaria a nation which has been divided struggles to find itself. In a battle that has taken numerous lives we fight on. Still not finding our victory... a victory that i fear will hold a very real and dear price to us all. *sighs* I know not how to begin this epic tale... for this is one that rivals the Ophidian invasion in its size and yet has such a limit to its scope. Our enemy is fairly unknown to us. An entity named the Void. This creature is like none we have ever faced... with powers of fierce and ferocious scop
  18. <p>Posted on Friday, September 15, 2006, 9:37 AM EDT by <a href="mailto:uochesapeake@stratics.com?subject=Shard%20News%20Chesapeake">Terence Duff</a> (Chesapeake)</p><p><font size="2">A new evil has crept into the land of Chesapeake,</font></p> <p><b><font size="4">Defeat the Void Shadow with friends and allies, TONIGHT!</font></b></p> <p><font size="2">A <u>Call-to-Arms</u> has been issued for this evening (or every evening until the Void Shadow is defeated). Fighting begins at 9:30pm
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