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Found 19 results

  1. There will be a short period of downtime in the next 2-3 days, it should only last for a short while.
  2. Just a heads up, we're going to be relocated to a dedicated server sometime around August 1st. Downtime should be an hour or so, depending on how fast your ISP's serve updated DNS records.
  3. Book 7 upcoming changes to pvmp February 20th 2009 Here is the next round of updates Turbine will be adding with Book 7! Enjoy !
  4. February 5th 2009 by Frelorn Turbine Community Relations Here is the next round of updates Turbine will be adding with Book 7! Enjoy! Upcoming Changes to PvMP
  5. More Upcoming Screen Shots at Voodoo Extreme at IGN.Com.
  6. I'm going to be upgrading some of the server's core software in the coming days, so UOforums might be down for an hour, or more. Stay t00ned!
  7. Guest

    Upcoming site merger.

    Just to let you all know, I'm going to merging the database from The Pacific Roleplaying Community (Home of The PRCâ„¢) with UOForums. ThePrc is an old roleplaying site, which has been around longer than UOForums It's been dead for sometime, but in order to preserve the history, I'm going to be importing all the posts/threads/polls and members into UOForums. So i'll probably try doing that Monday.
  8. I was just thinking. With the upcoming Turn ins, I was wondering if maybe all of us should get one of the sashes in corespondance to our Virtue color. Not sure How the chaos one would work, I don't know if there was ever a color Chosen for the seat. But I think it be a good idea to have Colored sashes. What you think?
  9. Posted on March 11th 2008 In general, there are a couple of problems in this area. In Book 13, Turbine is trying to make a few tweaks to make this area to try and address those issues. Accessibility - Accessibility is one of those issues, so in Book 13 we are providing a reputation gated travel route from Tinnudir to Echad Garthadir. This route will make it easier to get across Lake Evendim to this area. - We've also added a Milestone, just in case you'd like to recall here easily from any where in the world. Flipping the Camps - Another problem is conveying better what is going
  10. Posted on UO U.Hall Hello Everyone, We have the following internal crafting fixes queued up for QA to review: (No promises of course. I had to say that ) balanced property getting dropped off runic made lightweight shortbows, mystic shortbow dropping the spell channeling -1 Those two problems in general should no longer happen on any of the bows. They were the same issue where the static property was being added after the runic ones were already chosen. Turned on the ability to make the following bows exceptional along with maker's mark: barbed longbow slayer longbow frozen
  11. any thoughts on this mabey uo will have there own dragon wars with all us toons cought in the middle
  12. I just got this notice from our server host Short notice, which is annoying.
  13. UOForums will be going through a server upgrade and migration to an improved server starting as early as Monday, Oct 22 and ending by Nov 5. Information is on the UO Forums Support Forum thread here. UOForums will NOT really be down. At some time, the UOForums.com URL may not resolve for you, meaning the UOForums content has moved to a new live server (new IP address) and the URL to IP mapping (DNS) is being pushed across the Internet to your ISP. So... it's my understanding we can post as normal and information will not be lost. When the UOForums.com URL does not resolve, perhaps wa
  14. Draconi has acknowledged that the upcoming Halloween Event/Demon Invasion of Magincia is going to have an impact on factions. He asked that people add their comments to the following thread on U.Hall: Halloween 2007 Events Testing Unfortunately, it appears that the testing for the event is restricted to Trammel. If you have any concerns about this issue, please use the above thread to make them known. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not for long, luckily. I'll post when it's available in Felucca. Tim "Draconi" Cotten - UO Designer - EA Mythic
  15. Greetings from Princess, Leader of the Friends of Trinsic guild. I was at the Pax meeting on September,25th and I enjoyed the meeting so well that I have 3 major announcements to make and I don't want to reveal the news until the next PaxLair meeting. I hope to gain support and acceptance from each member in PaxLair....My goal here is to be involed with PaxLair in anyway I can.I look forward to making many friends at PaxLair and I look forward to giving reports at each meeting. I have many major ideas for my guild and for PaxLair.I think the friendship between us both will benefit PaxL
  16. Another patch, another set of cliloc strings: make of them what you will! Not sure on these.. Blackrock maybe? 1076234 You feel uneasy... but nothing happens. 1076235 You feel a strange rush of energy... but nothing happens. 1076236 You lose control of the wild energies! 1076237 For a moment strange words fill your mind, but they're gone before you can fully grasp them. But they could be related to the next line. 1076238 Again, 'you' of this plane attempt to make use of a simple invocation of magical energy. This is the interesting part, to me. Check the wispish reference: Xorinia! N
  17. Guest

    Upcoming RPG system

    UOForums used to have an RPG system, but it was kinda rubbish imo, but there is a new version coming out and it's looking pretty sweet It's taking AGES to develop, but i'm hoping it'll be out before 2010...(sarcasm ) Here's some screenies.. (It'll probably look different when it's finally finished, additionally, i'm going to try and add UO elements to it, namely monsters, spells, icons etc)
  18. To post your thoughts about the upcoming proficiency system or to read other people's thoughts. Go to the chesapeake shard forums. For Lazy people like me here's even a link to it! http://www.uoforums.com/showthread.php?p=138384#post138384
  19. The reason I choose this topic for doing interview was because I know of a lot of people who like the idea of the Proficiency system, others that hate it, some that don't really understand it and a few that are partly leaving UO because of it. So I wanted to find out what people were thinking about it. I asked a wide variety of people, who have a variety of different things they enjoy about UO, the same Five questions. And if you wish you can also respond to the same five questions in this post. The questions are as follows: 1. What are you feelings about the up coming proficiency syste
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