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Found 23 results

  1. I have been in talks with some Pvpers on this shard. I don't play it but, I know they are searching for a home. The forum seems quiet but I think it could pick up if they come here and the shard has a PvP thread that is more lenient then Stratics.
  2. http://www.uoforums.com/tech-forum/60994-wireless-g-card-good-for-a-desktop.html And: http://www.uoforums.com/off-topic-general-discussion/60784-is-she-a-yar.html I forgot how to remove pictures so remove the ones of the blond girl, please.
  3. Will some one update me on a few things? Threads of life/Fate and the weird black cloak we pick up from Moonglow. I have a bunch of these I need to know what to do with them..plz..
  4. What should we be doing with these?
  5. Harlequin kindly consolidated a lot of info on this topic,to help folk out. Too many different posts threads on these quest threads, so I thought it's easier to consolidate what I have gathered about them so far from my tests and other posts. I have updated my results after the client patch. Quest Giver Amos the NPC mage that starts you on this quest is right next to where the original Magincia moongate was. The ghosts will still drop the threads even if you did not speak with the quest giver. So you can also get the threads first, then come back to get the quests. He has 3 quests to
  6. Not sure they are dropping. Have been killing those guys forever now and havent gotten one. Anyone else not getting them?
  7. This was ask on Stractics Threads- Is This It Draconi? Are the upcoming quests going to be the only use for the Threads of Life and Fate that we got from Moonglow? I sure hope so. Many people spent an enormous amount of time over the month or so Moonglow was going on collecting these threads, thinking there was going to be some use for them in the future in some kind of combination with the Cloaks we got there also. I'd hate to think that all of the time and resources spent on hunting there were all for only a need of 60 or 70 of each, both of which are obtainable now from the new creatur
  8. I only just stumbled across some threads whilst Ive been ill and not playing the game. Having had tons more time to trawl the LOTR forums,Ive found some good stuff which I should of been passing on to y'all over here. SOOOOO hopefully its ' better late than never ' =) Ill begin with the thread " Talk to the Community Team " . Please either post your replies for me to post over,OR you can use the links to go to the sites direct and post yourself. More threads of interest will follow.
  9. Norrar


    I dont knwo if this has been happening or what with the life and fate threads, but i was moving them, accidently clicked one and it said a bunch of stuff for each one. Has this been happening? Just curious because it said i died... (although i did die at melissa 5 minutes later...)
  10. I've moved all the event threads into their own forum. It's the first forum on the main page, so you can't miss it If I've missed any threads off, let me know and I'll get those moved to.
  11. I was curious finding that I was banned, so I asked the source and got the following response. The conversation is quoted in it's entirety with no editing of any source. Draw your own conclusions. ElderRP ?(6:40 PM): Hello, And may I first ask how are you? AdamD ?(6:40 PM): Just fine...what question did you have? ElderRP ?(6:41 PM): Yes, It appears that my account was banished from the GRI forums, and I have high reason to suspect it was an uncalled for banishment as I did not break any of the forum rules that would be cause for banishment, and that I was never given a warning via private me
  12. I've added a new option which lets you all ignore an entire thread You can also block a user and all threads/posts they create, so you won't see them in the New posts counter. To ignore a thread, go into the thread, then at the top, click "Thread Tools", then choose Ignore thread.
  13. Oops! Only seems to be when I'm not registered. In guest mode I'm seeing only empty forums without any posts.
  14. From the dark Wisps and the Shadowlord. All six threads as far as I know, three of Fate, three of Life and the cloak. Got alot of the Plane swords and shields as well.
  15. Looks like only 3 or 4 threads have been looked at or posted in in the past 7 months?????? WTF
  16. Come celebrate after the PaxLair Meeting tonight! I've made costumes (purple, green, and gold) for both the ladies and men of the Realm. I've put them in seperate bags within a gray one next to the front door to Arundel Hall in Casandreal of Yew. I consulted Lady Phoenix on the color combinations so ask her after the meeting (or before for that matter) on how to go with it. I will not be able to make it to the festivities (meeting or after the meeting), but the costumes are there at the request of Lady Phoenix. Please take all that ye wish...but only enough to cover yourself! To get to
  17. Hey Adam - Is there any way to mark your "favorite" threads? (I'm thinking of how on the Stratics forums, if you mark a thread as a favorite, you'll always have a link to it in your control panel for easy reference).
  18. I will be posting some new threads on the boards. These will serve as Archive threads, one for "admin" type threads that aren't reports, such as Felix's wages thread, another on the public board for IC announcements of events, IC letters and the like, and one for old discussion threads on these boards. This is an attempt to keep the forums free of clutter, so that the relevant threads are always at the top of the list without us having to sticky absolutely everything
  19. So, I thought id just make it simple, my wife plays wow and I find my self trying to get back into it. So what server does everyone play? Does your guilds have websites or forums, a place were I can put some rp fiction, learn more about the guild etc. I rerolled on sisters of elune, I have one on bonechewer, umm windrunner(wifes server) and scarlet crusade I think.
  20. is there a active topics section here?...if not has this been mentioned about getting before.i`m new to this site and its kinda hard to navigate this site to find what i`m looking for.alot of the stuff i`m reading hasn`t been commented on in months....or is a dead subject.i can`t find anything without having to use the search option and then i get a bizillion threads that have that word in it.
  21. to the new Holiday trade forum. Please place any Holiday gift trading posts in the Holiday trade forum
  22. But I'm going to start one anyway because I'm desperate. I'm buying 360k in batwings and gravedust for 1.5 mill.
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