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  1. Guest

    Archer PVP Templates

    Just came back to the game looking to build a good PVP archer, and looking for advice.
  2. This thread is intended for the posting of Starter PvP templates ONLY. PLease keep it simple, but effective. Has to be cost effective! Please discuss in the regular forum. Thank you! Title of template: SKills xyz xyz xyz STATS xyz xyz xyz Equipment/MODS Race
  3. This thread is intended for Magery related PvP templates ONLY. Please discuss in the regular forum. Thnak you! Please post templates in this format: Title of template: SKills xyz xyz xyz STATS xyz xyz xyz Equipment/MODS Race
  4. This thread is intended for the posting of Hybrid PvP templates ONLY. Please discuss in the regular forum. Thank you! Title of template: SKills xyz xyz xyz STATS xyz xyz xyz Equipment/MODS Race
  5. This thread is intended for templates ONLY. All discussion will be posted in the regular thread. Please PM Baldguy or post a reply in the regular section if there is a particular template that needs to be added. Thank you! Title of template: SKills xyz xyz xyz STATS xyz xyz xyz Equipment/MODS Race
  6. This thread is meant for templates only. Please discuss templates in the regular forum. Please PM me or post in the regular forum to get a template (thread) added. Title of template: SKills xyz xyz xyz STATS xyz xyz xyz Equipment/MODS Race
  7. Just wondering what your best Crafter Template is and why you like it so much.
  8. Just a thread to post your skills/stats of your warriors. To get some ideas. Ziazu is a samurai-warrior and her stats/skills look like: 107 strength (=103 hitpoints) (with suit = 134) 125 dexterity (=125 stamina) (with suit = 144) 23 intelligence (=23 mana) (with suit = 60) This is with a +25stat scroll. Without it I'd keep 125 in dex and put str and int down. As +25 scrolls are quite expensive, the smaller ones are much more affordable. Skills: Anatomy 100 Bushido 120 Chiv 60 Fencing 120 Healing 100 Parrying 120 Tactics 100 Again with vet-bonus (20 skill points more to distribute). Withou
  9. I've been working on a disco tamer lately, and I've decided that discord is pretty much the best PVM skill in the game (better than the taming part)...it's unbelievable what a difference it makes in taking stuff down. So what are some fun templates for going nuts with disco? I was thinking something like a discopire: 120 Music 120 Discord 120 Weapon 120 Parry 100 Necro (for VE) 100 Tactics 70 Chiv Obviously, I'd need some jewelry to make this work, and it might not have enough healing to stay up without confidence and/or healing/anat. Any other non-pure bard/non-tamer suggestions fo
  10. There any templates out there that would drop someone in good armor very fast?
  11. I've just returned to OU after a long hiatus, so I'm a little lost. Any advice on soloing templates for Peerless/Spawns/Doom?
  12. I was just wondering.. how long does it take to "skill" up the template you want to have.. like in WoW 0 - 70/80 it takes several days playtime.. how long does it takes in UO ?
  13. For all the tamers :: What other skills do you have? And are any of you who post in this forum a mage/tamer? if so what are some good and bad of being a mage/tamer? (Im thinking of modifying my template a bit . . . im gett ing bored with my mage.lol)
  14. Hi guys! I am back to UO after 8 years... I got myself a huge pile of gold from a friend who left and have three 7xgm chars from stone age (my old account). I used to play PvP a lot, but more consensual/duel style and would like to keep it that way. - PvM for some fun with friends only. As I can't spend that much time as 8 years ago, I will concentrate on one char only. - Could you give me an advise? I always played a mage, but would like to give it a try for an archer. My plan: Elven Nox Archer (Wrath of Nature) Archery 100 (120 w item) Tactics 108 (120 w item) Poison 100 Healing 10
  15. What Samurai Templates do you have? I want make samurai for PVP, but i don't have enaugh Skill Points left for Ressisting. My Template: Anatomy 100 Bushido 120 Healing 80 Mace Fighting 120 PArrying 120 Resisting 40 Tactics 120
  16. Guest

    ninja tamer templates

    i am trying to make a new pvp char ninja 120 sealth 120 hiding 100 weapon 120 taming 105 lore 105 vet or chi 50 (vet + 30 when pet died) but i cant heal myself or pets in same time,can anyone give me a hand? it would be powerful use ds , all kill thanks a lot
  17. 120 Fencing 120 Resist 120 Parry 100 Anatomy (95 til I hit 720 skillcap in a few months) 90 Healing 90 Tactics 80 Poisoning ..or I was thinking of adding GM bushido in there, at the expense of poisoning and some anatomy points. Would that be better?
  18. Hello everyone, I'm after some help to get my template section right I haven't hunt in a long and even if I know the use of skills and their interactions, I'm out of the new trends... So I'd like your assistance in determining which skills (and stats) are good for the following templates : Samurai Ninja Archer T-hunter Doom Thief PvP Dexxer PvP Mage If you have some other good templates, I'm interested. Three remarks though : It is designed for newbies, take a skill cap of 700 and stat cap of 225 into account. If you can explain a bit the way the skills are used in the template, that
  19. My wife and I were looking at making some Ninjas together but we are both having a hard time finding some viable templates for this. My intentions were to make an assassin type character, possibly some roleplaying and stealthing around looking for unsuspecting macroers and or mules to drop some poison on and have some fun. List is what I came up with: Ninjitsu 100 Fencing 120 Anatomy 100 Healing 100 Hide 100 Stealth 100 Poison 80 Her template was the same, except she was going to use Chivalry instead of Healing. So my question would be is this template viable for anything? Will I do enough
  20. Guest

    Top PvP Templates?

    Ok so just got back to uo and decided to play a necro/mage, and decided on this build... Mage fence eval resist spells SS Nec some med if possible What should i be getting these skills to and what stat setup should i use with a +25 stat scroll. Thanks!
  21. Hey I was wondering what are good templates for a PvM Archer and a PvM Fencer both with Chiv so far and both Legendary archer and fencer Also what would be a good template for a pvp Fencer?? Thx
  22. What kind of Necro Templates is everyone using for PVM?
  23. I'm sure this has been addressed many times but I'm gonna ask for help anyways. I am in the process of making a bard/thunter. Well since I've never played either char I have 0 exp in this area. My ultimate template will probably be: magery 120 med 120 music 120 provo 120 peace 120 lpicking 100/carto 100 (stoned) rest of points in eval magery eval music peace med easy to gm+ in 2 days my questions are: 1. I am currently 50 provo whats the easiest way to raise this (tips or tricks) legal of course? I was thinking shadow wisps in the weald til I find a better way. 2. lpiking and carto hel
  24. 120 discord 80 mage +20 crystal ring 100 100 peace all for area peace 120 provo 110 eval +10 book 25% spell damn 120 skill 90 music find good 1/3 ring with music +10 100 100 scrib/or spellweaver? stats 100 str 135 int then 150 stats rest in dex 1) 120 bushi 120 wep skill 120 parry 120 bushido 76 chiv 100 tactics rest in necro - item intensive template This temp is nice and many ways to work around good for multi fighting this is one of 4 temp that are the best I have not listed it much but here you go. 95 tame items to 120 so you can use taming stuff 120 ninja 100 archer hunters to
  25. Really nice one of these that many dont play is lj one 120 anat 100 lumberjack 120 ninja 120 tactics 120 swords 105 chivalry rest in what ever you want hehe 115 str use pots and items to over 140 125 items and stuff to over 150 then stamina to over 180 rest in mana 45 hit 25+ def 35+ lmc 100% di with items and such almsot 2 hit killer disarm hit macro for con weopen and have use secondary skill with orni ax crushing blow around 61+ damn hit then just deathstrike and hit with another crushing blow if have too dead dead dead
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