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  1. Stratics IRC and UO Stratics proudly announce Ultima Online House of Commons is back. HoC has had a long tradition throughout the years and has been missing in action for a good while. Our staff had been hard at work with the EA team to get the ball rolling again. The first of hopefully many more HoC is scheduled for Thursday July 30th, 7 pm EST. Please join us in the #straticshoc channel on the Stratics IRC network for another great hour of questions and answers with the UO team! The HoC Topic of this week will be: New Client’s open Beta and Stygian Abyss You can connect to one of our
  2. I would like to introduce to everyone your new Event Moderators: EM Name Assigned Shard EM Eira Sonoma EM Pallando Floater EM Sykobri Atlantic EM Sezja Napa Valley EM Immortal Drachenfels EM Autolycus Lake Superior EM Aeon Oceania EM Faine Morgan Floater EM Glamdring Floater/Trainer EM Sarakan Europa EM Quantum Lake Superior EM Dudley Floater EM Tailspin Cheaspeake EM Tashik Legends EM Nyrogie Pacific EM Kasaven Catskills EM Sarthus Lake Austin EM Cernunnos Floater EM Iatu Great Lakes EM Annendora Floater EM Emile Layne Europa EM Vespera Floater EM Malachi Great Lakes EM Alcor Siege EM Lau
  3. According to the bard calc on stratics, I have a 66% chance to disco a paragon Cu. Unfortunately, the calculator is using a base difficulty of 120ish instead of 160. I've done the calculations myself, but I don't know what they mean - please help: Base: 160 -5 for exceptional instrument: 155 -10 for standard discord formula: 145 -2 for 104 music: 143 50+2(bard skill - adjusted base): (50+2(117.6-143): 100.8 What the heck does that 100.8 mean? I know I have a chance to disco the Paragon Cu, because I get failure messages, not "your skills are not up to the task" messages. I'm just tr
  4. I was told by some people that I cannot direct people to Uoforums, Uotradespot or Whispering Rose Radio on Stratics so I did what any smart person would do. I sent a message to the person who posted the message on stratics instead of asking abuncha players who dont work for stratics LoL... I am gareth on Chesapeake and this is what I wrote I help broker but I dont sell items for cash or buy items for cash. I help with ingame gold for like say someone was selling a Castle 650million isnt going to fit in the trade window lol....anywho The site I work with (Not for brokering but for promot
  5. The article has many screenshots and may take awhile to load up. The URL is : UO Stratics - Baja News,
  6. Friday 18 April, the Britannia Guards will be interviewed by a reporter from Stratics. As this will be important to the success of our grand scheme of revitalizing the royalist faction on Europa and our guild, it's important that everyone tries to make it. We are dependent upon a good turn-out. If we can make it, a training session will be held afterwards. I've also heard a few rumors that the baron might have an announcement or two, as well. We will gather at the new garrison, 8:45 pm BST / 21:45 CET. See you all there!
  7. Prince Caspian,whilst supporting the site has some queries to put forward Let me preface this post by saying Stratics is, bar none, the most useful and info-packed online gaming resource around. The information at our fingertips far, far, FAR surpasses the official ultima online site. But one thing I do notice is that we have an awful lot of legacy information around and a lot of missing new stuff. For instance, here it is several years after Mondains Legacy, and we STILL don't have the Lumberjacking Essays/Skill Descriptions listing how to get the special wood. There's tons of informa
  8. Just a curious query.... No bashing intended here.... although I could. Does Stratics no longer support UO? Drav
  9. Posted at - UO Stratics - News - Main We have set up a set of Temporary Forums while we continuously work towards reviving the original forums. I have a quick update regarding our downtime. As we've essentially been forced to pursue data recovery - which is a long process - we've set up temporary forums for our users. These can be at: UO Stratics Forums - Temporary Stratics Forums. Users will unfortunately need to create new accounts. We will do our best to migrate posts made here to the old boards when they come back, but can't make any guarantees (i.e. what you post here may be lost f
  10. I'm going to post any news I receive on the state of Stratics' forums and sites which are currently down, if and when I get any. These are the updates as I've received them and what's been posted on Stratics' main news pages. Stratics Network News - May 8, 2008 4:54 PM EDT A further update as posted by Orvago here - http://www.uoforums.com/339764-post174.html Read as follows (Dated, 11th of May, 2008) And a couple of clarifications 1) No they weren't hacked 2) There's no set ETA
  11. If there was a thread about this, I didn't notice it.... Was there a scheduled downtime or something? Because for me Stratics has been down all day. -Galen's player
  12. SO much for timing the event with other people on Origin. Their forums are down during the spring cleaning stuff and the shadowlord event. You cant even get technicial help for uo as well , as for some reason EA chose stratics as their tech support forum. So far I havent seen anything going on. I went over to the bad moonglow and killed dark wisps , thats about it.
  13. Some folks on Origin posting here about what happen on the shard. All I seen so far is the news posted at UO.com and it saying something about Cove, Delucia, NJ, are those cities under attack? If so where, Fel or Tram?
  14. Stratics Network News - May 3, 2008 6:02 PM EDT | Posted by Skycapp As many of you have probably noticed, due to circumstances beyond our control, all of the Stratics Forums, Lineage 2 Stratics, EvE Stratics, and Warhammer Stratics are all experiencing extended downtime this weekend. We currently do not have an ETA on when they will be back up, however we are doing everything within our power to make the downtime as short as possible. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please watch this news post for more details as we will update it when new infor
  15. There is a sort of a paradox here. Currently, there is a bug with Peacemaking which lets you keep all monsters peaced infinitely. The developers know about it, the spawners know about it. But it has not been fixed for months, perhaps even over a year. One way to get bugs fixed is to post about them on Stratics. But no one seems to be interested in this particular one. So I posted a video showing how a person can solo the Harrower using it. There were many replies and views, but Stratics took it down because you are not allowed to accuse people of anything. Thus, how is it possible to built
  16. Brannoc :- Welcome to today's House of Commons chat with the developers of Lord of the Rings Online! We'll begin with a brief introduction and some announcements from our guests and then jump straight into the questions. The full logs will be available at Lord of the Rings Online - Your Lord of the Rings Online Community Resource shortly afterward. Liquilla_cm Before proceedings get underway, the Spring festival ends on the 31st March so don't forget to take part in the in-game festivities before it's all over for another year! We're also tightly under wraps about the first LOTRO Expans
  17. Posted on UOHerald.com Stratics House of Commons Chat Tonight! Jeremy Dalberg 12 Feb 2008 10:53:07 Tonight we will be joining UO Stratics in the ten-year anniversary of the UO House of Commons - come join us at 7pm EST in IRC to chat with the dev team about whatever's on your mind! Check out the full announcement and details on how to join here!
  18. ok this really does hit the bottom for a regular player ... all of a sudden .. we are playing on Sonoma shard ... message pops up .. server going down get to safe ... .... its 5:pm CT ... WHY???? Did we miss a notice on UO Herald???? Did we miss a notice on stratics???? Did we miss a notice on UO Forums???? NOPER ... NO WHERE IS IT LISTED THAT WE ARE TO EXPECT A DOWN TIME .... is it just sonoma? WHO CARES .. i start sending out a message to all folks on my long uo contact list .. DON'T LOG OUT IF YOU'RE IN GAME ... SERVER LOGIN IS DOWN ... ok so ... WHAT GOOD IS UOHERALD? hummmmpfff
  19. Vote for the Holiday Contest 2007 image submission of your choice on the U.Hall Stratics Thread here.
  20. Vote for the Holiday Contest 2007 image submission of your choice on the U.Hall Stratics Thread here.
  21. The Orcs of Chesapeake offer their rendition of the "12 Days of Orkmas", written by Ga'kuct the Orc Warbozz, all in the orcish language with translation by the orc Snaga. (Imaged on location in the Olag Hai & Kaar Barashalu Orc Fort, Felucca, Chesapeake.) We thank PaxLair, The Royal Britannian Guards, and United Tamers of Britannia of Chesapeake for participating in this event. "Bubhosh!! Rulg!!". Sincerely, Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood Chesapeake We thank the following people:
  22. Kelmo has been playoing UO for a long time and has been involved with a few community projects within UO. I thought he'd be an excellent interview candidate. SO here goes: Behind the character: Do you play any computer games at this time and if so which ones? The only game I have played in the last six years has been Ultima Online. I may be looking into other games in the very near future. What was the very first computer game you played? Does Pong count? I remember when my father ordered that game and brought it home. *chuckles* Hours of fun. I grew up with the home electronics and en
  23. The Stratics Seige forum had a visit from Runesabre, the original force behind the Seige ruleset. The original thread is here Some of the posts: Head on over and read the whole thread.
  24. So the timing is all too convenient, big 10th anniversary Townhall in Austin, Stratics is down, but yet here's UOForums just begging to be read. And of course I see the thread that asks about the Townhall, and of course I have to register to view it. Bah! So I go ahead and register and give up my personal information to yet another site. So has your plan worked? Have you gotten quite the influx of newbies? None of this is intended to be serious While I'm here, I've gotta ask about the blacklisted sites... What's up with that? One of those sites in your list has been very useful to
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