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Found 16 results

  1. We shall assemble in Templewood to receive the delivery needed to complete our constructions. All Brethren are to gather at Fort Belvoir. 7:30pm BST.
  2. I hope this is the right place to post this... I have recently aquired the deeds for S^M (Sexy Miners of Sonoma) and SB (Shadow of the Beast) guild stones... If anyone was a member of these guilds or knows someone who was, please let me know so I can return them.... Hate to just toss them... Thanks... 8)
  3. Just wanted to make sure before I did it. Do the soulstones store skills up to 120, or does it stop at 100.
  4. Selling soul stone token ..10 mil icq 219496837 put token in request so i can autho you! Or you can PM me here! Thanks!
  5. I haven't mined for a while (been working other stuff), and I just found that stone is now stackable, AND seems to weight less. When did this happen? (Masonry is a Carpentry skill, so I posted this here)
  6. Pity this wasnt posted here too but at least I found it so please add your input here. Howdy all, In the recent FoF, we informed you all about the Stone Form Mysticism spell. So far, the concepts of the Mysticism spells seem really solid so far. However, Stone Form appeared to be a lackluster spell. There are some important details about Stone Form that weren't mentioned to you all. Here is the comprehensive information about Stone Form. I would like your initial thoughts on the spell. I realize you all aren't play testing or anything yet. Don't panic. If the current design of the spe
  7. say i have tactis 80.8 stored on a SS. if i have a char with 40 tactics and i load the SS on him will it bring me to 120 tactics?
  8. I had a GM Carpenter, but just learned the stone crafting skill. I purchased book from gargoyle city, read the book, have stone and purchased mallets and chisels from gargoyle city. I went to craft last night and accidently unchecked or check the box right under the color selection in the menu. Now the entire color selection is gone including that box. On a smith hammer there is the same box and states "use color" next to it. My other characters can bring up the color selection, but not this character with the skills. He is bugged. I tried in both clients (KR & 2D) but only 2D gives
  9. Two Friends Were Walking Through The Desert. During Some Point Of The Journey, They Had An Argument; And One Friend Slapped The Other One In The Face. The One Who Got Slapped Was Hurt, But Without Saying Anything, Wrote In The Sand: Today My Best Friend Slapped Me In The Face. They Kept On Walking, Until They Found An Oasis, Where They Decided To Take A Bath The One Who Had Been Slapped Got Stuck In The Mire And Started Drowning, But The Friend Saved Him. After He Recovered From The Near Drowning, He Wrote On A Stone: "today My Best Friend Saved My Life ". The Friend
  10. I've seen enormous stone tables in some houses. How do you make them? Just place large stone tables side by side or how?
  11. Greetingsā€¦ I wonder if anybody can help me remember where the place was again that was outdoors that has harpies with stone harpies mixed in with them. Can anybody help me remember where this place was? It's been awhile :grin: Thank you.
  12. Greetingsā€¦ I wonder if anybody can help me remember where the place was again that was outdoors that has harpies with stone harpies mixed in with them. Can anybody help me remember where this place was? It's been awhile :grin: Thank you.
  13. any way to get a soul stone fragment right now? if not, does anyone have an xtra token on lake austin they would trade for one on atlantic or chessy? or i could trade a Heritage token for one on lake austin also.
  14. I tired to joiin Council of Mages, but the sign up stone for that faction wouldn't operate when i dbl clicked it. iI dbl clicked it so many times I'd get the warning that I had to wait a few moments to perform another action. Can faction leaders set the stone to not accept any new recurits?
  15. I like the soul stones quite a bit. In fact I have more than my fair share. However, even when I thought I had gone over board...I was amazed to find a house with as many stones as I had. You can count them if you want. It is a vendor house in Luna. So, I guess you can draw your conclussions from that. Here are a couple of pics for you to look at.
  16. out of curiosity does anyone know what a Fel stone keep (24x24 footprint) is worth roughly?
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