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Found 20 results

  1. I need some good malls....whatever happened to PTC mall and what not. People let me know! Thanks! BTW - I'm new again, reason I'm asking!
  2. Hello, I'm on my quest of making a char on every shard with full lrc armour, a full spellbook and runebook. Looked through Luna, and only found a cheap gorget/hat, but still looking for the rest... So could anyone tell me where a good vendor is for such things that a newbie-char can afford? (doesn't have to be anything special) And sorry for checking in Luna, I am aware that some shards have their main vendor areas in other places, but I don't know much about this shard yet.
  3. Funny old British comedy [video=youtube;_1_7Q9hVpQU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1_7Q9hVpQU
  4. Follow this link to uo auction for more info.
  5. Source: Auran: the facts The Directors of Auran Developments, the company that employs all the Auran staff, have today called in a Voluntary Administrator (like Chapter 11 in the US). All the staff were dismissed today. Despite earlier reports, staff will be paid for all their work to date, their annual leave entitlements, redundancy payments and long service leave. Whilst this is the end of Auran Developments, it is far from the end of FURY and Trainz. Trainz is the world’s leading rail simulator and has a community of more than 250,000 registered users around the world. It is publis
  6. Just curious I was thinking of adding a small amazon banner to the rotation, so when people shop at amazon, we get a small percentage back. Any thoughts?
  7. Greetings fellow PaxLair citizens.... Here is a update regarding the brand new PaxLair Shop N Meet house currently under construction on the western outskirts of Trinsic. 1st. The new "Pax Vender Shop" area is near completion already! Only thing left to do is minor cosmetic changes and a few other minor changes.The vender space for the PaxLair Shop N Meet is about 50 max.So if you are interested in placing a free vendor with 100% honest service and a special credit for having a vendor at PaxLair's newest housing addition contact me at the following below this news letter. 2nd. The ne
  8. I have decided to rename my house to PaxLair Shop N Meet. I will begin construction work on this building October 3rd. Construction will be finished by October 31st. The building will not have many special display items and will be a spacey basic building with a very nice and appealing meeting room.I hope that the meeting room will lure PaxLair into having a statehood meeting there sometime in the future... I plan on updating the citizens at each meeting on the progress of construction on this new Pax building..... The shoping area will be completed first so we can get ven
  9. All of these are plants in the world and after reading alot about them I found out how to make a Love potion, a pain releaver, new wine and tons of other interesting facts. Worth a look. While I was reading this Lenora came to my mind and im sure you will see why. http://uo.stratics.com/content/basics/herbs.shtml Also a few in here like the Century Plant used to make tequila!!! Yum Yum!! http://uo.stratics.com/content/basics/flowers.shtml
  10. Awh, hehe Chip shop Connie's 100th birthday This is her life, so she needed to be in the shop, even though it's her birthday Glenys, daughter-in-law
  11. The Chop Shop was created because, you cant seem to find many furniture vendors stocked well. So we made basic furniture vendors. We just started it so we will add more craftable things. This is just suppose to be a quick place to find a table when your decorating. Hope you all enjoy it. The Shop is located in PaxOku City. Tokuno Islands Homare-Jima Moongate. Down the road.
  12. *cry* I have run all over Sonoma looking for a place that stocks premade runebooks. I have a few old but newbie type characters and I would like to get them back up to date but not finding them. Please help *wipes away a tear*
  13. Kayne

    new shop

    My mate zennith convinced me to turn my small plot on road with BWT into a shop so looking for vendors can stuck pretty much anything but soulstone fragments, and we prefer if you do not undercut current vendors of course if u want a vendor ICQ me at 387985674
  14. Kayne

    New shop

    My mate Zennith convinced me to turn my small plot on road with bwt into a shop, so looking for vendors if you want to place a vendor, can have anything but soulstone fragments and prefer you did not undercut current vendors of course ICQ me at 387985674
  15. If anyone uses Photoshop... More fun from the underworld... Summary: Yesterday, a gray hat researcher publicly released exploit code for a previously unknown buffer overflow vulnerability in Adobe Photoshop. By enticing one of your users into downloading an image file, and then opening it in Photoshop, an attacker can exploit this flaw to execute code on your user's computer, with that user's privileges. If your user has local administrative privileges, the attacker could gain total control of the victim's PC. If any of your users run Photoshop, you may want to warn them of this flaw, and
  16. just wondering which version your able to creat siggies with, I have always wanted to try and make them. I see Corel paint shop pro but there is like 10 of them now lol, which is best or which is able to do the siggie thing?
  17. source taken from this thread over in UO Europa. Oh yay !!Oh yay!!!....IdocHunters Shop will soon be closing!! Oh yay!! Oh yay!! Well to be fair =we aint trying or gonna try to compete with the blatant scripting thats going on at idocs on europa -happens all the time on our beloved europa shard- so with no idocs we get no restock sooooooooooo we are closing down!!! yup!!! as we cant run a shop and leftovers form the scripters!! weve been open near 3 years and have enjoyed our shop - like we hope u have too!!- always offering low cost items and a europa community service with our ques
  18. taken from Thread :- Shop Owners !!Stop taking marked runes to overwrite them!! found in UO.UHall Comment yes its crazy- stupid and damn right annoying- i mark 100 runes- they only cost 15g each for god sake and drop em at the banks- come 20 minutes later i go look and the runes are still there but with another shop on em!! WHY FOR GODS SAKE!! buy some and mark your own- its a silly circle that needs to be stopped! if u cant afford to buy 20 runes for your shop or big mal!!! yes they do it too then ask me for 300g - jeepers id rather give u the gold then u steal and remark all my shop
  19. Hi all, I'm working on a new vendor shop (16x16). I've built the house, but honestly I can't decide if I like it or not. The design is based loosely on one I found on Stratics. Your feedback is appreciated! I have no problems whatsoever scrapping it and starting over. As for my own opinion, I'm going to sleep on it and see what I think in the morning... but here's what I'm thinking now. This house is on the south/east side of the road, so the vendors should probably be placed as close to the road as possible. This design is backwards of that. However, it's pretty impossible to have road-
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