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  1. I would like to see the DEV team consolidate the existing shards to increase the community base. I would also like to see them impliment new lands, and replace the look and feel of all towns in game.
  2. Just for curiousity's sake, trying to find the oldest account and on what shard. Mine is Chessy and 138 months.
  3. It's wonderful to have a forum for any of us who play or even cross-shard to any of the Asian shards on a regular basis! Thanks to Adam and the Team! Who else plays or visits an Asian shard? I personally play on Mugen on a fairly regular basis. Mugen is the Asian version of the Siege Perilous ruleset shard but with a few differences. The people on Mugen are wonderful, and I've made many Japanese and Korean friends there. My character's name is Snoopy Paws and you can often find me socializing at the Britain bank in Trammel (Mugen has both a Trammel and a Felucca, though they are both of the
  4. Iron Bandit Inn (Kijustsu Anei Village) Tuesday October 06, 2009 Tonights shard tavern night started out with excitement as new people from other shards came to see what all the fuss was about. The community would like to welcome the visitors from Lake Superior and Catskills shard. Information for contacts and a new and exciting mail feature were talked about. News letters are in the works to be sent across the shards for those wishing to get information not only about the Kijustsu Anei Village but, about all the other happenings on other shards. Although the idea is still
  5. Iron Bandit Inn (Kijustsu Anei Village) Tuesday October 06, 2009 Those In Attendance: Goat [TGOG], Ares [OkuB], Dark Morning [OkuB], Fanny Firebotto [bRPA], Midnight Moon [s@GE], Tamer Joe [s@GE], Lin Min May [OkuC], Pol The Shepherd, Vash The Harper [bRPA], Ado The Theif, Winfield [PAX], Niva The Savage [T_T], Sinthe [T_T], Winmere [Pax], Greyylene [uSN], Bozydar [TEB], Anya The Gypsy, Grimlar Mithrax, John Duke [Pax], Arig'lak [Orc], Lord Gareth [OkuC], Saraugug [uRUK], Elijah Cross [PxP], Amber Witch Event Review: Tuesday night at 9:00pm EST citizens from Baja, Pacific an
  6. 3:17pm Central ... received message in game ... The shard will be coming down in 15 minutes for publish... Please find a safe area and be prepared to log out.
  7. First handouts of Cloaks of Silence was already over on Japan shards, however, it coms the second chance to get them! The story on Japan shard went as follows: Dawn entrusted a person of handing out of Cloaks. She did it with inaptitude. To make it worse, the rest of cloaks were stolen by someone....But she traced them and it turned out that the bad guys would appear somewhere at some time ... Then, it is your turn. Find out the bad guys, and recover the stolen Cloaks from them! You can keep the recovered Cloaks with yourselves! Time: On the 22th Saturday, August, about 21:00 JST. (
  8. This is a repost of what I posted in "UO Asia Forum" on Stratics. I'd like to introduce the shop here too because it is very helpful for both new players and visitors from other shards. -- I introduce a very useful and decent shop on shards in Japan to you all. The name of the shop is "Twins". Twins are located on the edge of Zento of all 7 normal shards in Japan except Mugen. There are two shops on Hokuto. Eight shops in total. Note: English is not available. If you speak to the owner of the shop or post a message on Bulletin board there in English, you can't expect to be replied. No
  9. Anyone know any shards with enough open land for a good size house? I'm in Atlantic, so I can't find any but when i find a house for sale its always like 30million and i don't have that type of cash to just throw into it. Thanks.
  10. Posted to UO Herald by Joanne Laroche All shards will be published tomorrow morning during maintenance. This publish will address the following fixes: Fixed an issue with players with stealing from pack animals in Trammel Fixed an issue with the Gate spell .
  11. From UO Herald News All Shards to be Published Joanne Laroche 18 Dec 2008 19:30:06 All shards will be coming down tonight at approximately 8:00pm EST for a publish. We expect downtime to be approximately 2 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We'll get them back up as soon as we can!
  12. I just retruned after many years. I was shocked to see how dead it was. I was at the Britania bank for 1/2 hour last night in hopes to make some friends, get some help with re-learning the game etc. Not one person wa there in all that time. When I left, that bank was absolutley packed with people. Are all shards this dead? I guess I did not expect it to be the same, but what I really loved about the game was the community. Any recommmendations? I have read that the Atlantic shard is much more populated. True?=)
  13. I need to trade 500k in gold from chessie to all other American shards. If anyone would be interested in helping me out, plz pm or icq 459280707 icq. Thanks!
  14. Was wondering if theres any talk of combining shards, as most shards are lowly populated compared to the old days. A manditory, but free transfer system could be implemented, to condense 2 shards into one. Any info or link to current threads would be helpful. (one who misses the days of a crowded Brit bank trading area)
  15. Is there some kind of way to see how populated the Shards are? Im on atlantic, and well it seems the population has dropped off from when i played around a year ago. I'm an all day player, and atlantic just seems dead now..... anyway to find out? thanks
  16. At next scheduled maintenance News now up on Ultima Onlineā„¢
  17. Posted on UOHerald.com All Shards to Be Published Jeremy Dalberg 04 Apr 2008 10:34:19 All shards will be published with the following at 11:30AM EDT: Adding live event content
  18. Posted on UOHerald.com All Shards to be Published Jeremy Dalberg 26 Mar 2008 13:50:34 EST All shards will be published with the following during their next regular maintenance: Fixed a NPC Grammar Error Greater Dragons now drop scales and leather when skinned Properties on the ML recipe bows should now stack correctly with runic, exceptional and material bonuses Fixed an additional bug that caused properties to be dropped on some ML weapons Body sculptors and hairdressers should no longer wander too far away Recipe bows that previously had a 0% exceptional chance now have a
  19. Posted on UOHerald.com All Shards to be Published Jeremy Dalberg 19 Feb 2008 17:21:05 EST All shards will be published with the following during thier next regular maintenance: Salvage Bags should now return the correct amount of leather and cloth Fixed an exploit
  20. Posted on UOHerald.com All Shards to be Published Jeremy Dalberg 13 Feb 2008 18:07:59 EST All shards will be published with the following during their next regularly scheduled maintenance: Changed all Blacksmithing and Tailoring runic intensities. Runics will now better match up to higher end loot. Maximum intensities are now 100% for all tailoring and blacksmithy runics, minimums are as follows: Blacksmithing: Dull Copper: was 10, now 40 Shadow: was 20, now 45 Copper: was 25, now 50 Bronze: was 30, now 55 Gold: was 35, now 60 Agapite: was 40, now 65 Verite: was 45, now 70 Va
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