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  1. The forces of Shadow was quickly dispatched by the Vesperian Army and some random customers of Swaggers Inn. Casca Delivered a warning about paying tribute to the king...something something... Vesper prevails!
  2. Can someone tell me the spell someone just gave me 200 pieces of blackrock figured id go try my luck =).
  3. With the blackrock troubles, we lost a whole load of our memories. However, they're still there, lurking. Let's record some rememberings here in this thread. Does't have to be in any particular order; I've started off by remembering the first meetings I had with Jack and Roxanne. Your memories may be from just after that point - or from yesterday! Post them anyway - and I'll sort it all out into our timeline. No memory too manic! Of course, being coloured by memory we may recall some things the way we wish they were... But others may correct us and add other perspectives as time goes
  4. Where are the 3 places where the Shadow Lords manifest?
  5. *A sealed letter to the Shadow Court* I once again ask your aid in knowledge. We have not been successful in finding Mericles journal on how to make a moongate to the void. So now we are trying to find out information on moongates, as well as trying to form a plan to get Mericles to make his gate for us. I hope you can aid us in this. We have been meeting at 8pm in the Council Hall Britain. Lady Flame
  6. To the Shadow Court recently we have collected 4 strange crystals that are part of a machine that the evil mage Mericles has been using in his quest for immortality as an undead. You might remember Mericles from the Royal Ball when he appeared and took his daughter away to the Ancient Citidel in Ishena. He has succeeded in constructing a machine and has used it to send his daughters love Dorian into the void. We have managed to get the four crystals of the machine and they have been distributed between 4 people for safe keeping till tomorrow eve where we are going to try to use them to rescu
  7. Looks like people are asking for our experience in doing things. Quick jobs that can be completed by the Court can be entered here. Pop your progress alongside as well, and let us know when someone's been informed ingame...
  8. Ok simple question is it possible to 2 men 1st boss in shadow lab heroic mode? lets c what u think
  9. I have spoke with the GM of S^A, and they are very interested in doing some fighting with us. S^A resides just North of Vesper. The Shadow Alliance is a group of both Orcs and Undead, and the highest ranks in the guild are allowed to use both necromancy and poisoning. Their views and way of "life" should be enough to trigger our disapproval of their existance. As of now, the S^A has about 2-5 active members, so be sure to settle how many guards we should dispatch. It's always more fun if we engage with even numbers. The GM of S^A can be reached on 190-424-954 His in-game char name is Kushg
  10. OK here is the bare bones of the site will i get home and upload the images, videos, and content. Tell me what you think of it so far. I am going to try and do some editing of some pictures so it looks like a legion behind my messages, and on the left side a slide show of the pictures that go with the message (Or will be a Video.)
  11. I have Mondains Legacy but when i try to use these on my house it says i need the latest UO expansion. Is there somthing im missing. Is there a newer expansion than ML.
  12. VOID SHADOW WAR 2ND ANNIVERSARY See the Void Shadow War Reference Article Here for LOTS of information - Defeated on September 17, 2006. (Place Holder: more to come about this) Chesapeake Victory Dance in the Void Shadow Chamber on September 17, 2006
  13. On entry to the guild there will be a brief probation period of around 30 days. Should you not wish to reveal such facts about alt characters or icq publically then please feel free to contact any of the leading members by a PM as laid about above filled out in full. Thankyou
  14. Eric the Red rode into New Haven. His adversary insisted on meeting with him, but Eric would only meet him on neutral ground. Otherwise the two would probably try and kill each other. The Shadow sat at one of the tables overlooking the center of town. Sitting on the table was one of his chessboards. "I didn't come to play games, Shadow! You said you had information for me." The Shadow pointed at the chair across from him. Eric sat reluctantly, his eyes went to the chessboard. He noticed new pieces, people from other shards have made their way in. The Shadow smiled as he noticed E
  15. [i have a collection of posts from years gone by. A lot of years gone by. I'll post a few of them as I find them.] Trinsic: City of Shame Posted by The Shadow ( on January 26, 1999 at 03:01 am: "It has begun," the Shadow says looking down from the guard tower in Trinsic. Bodies of orcs and Loyalist soldiers littered the streets. A small grin forms across the Shadow's face and he turns to the blue-robed Counselor. The Counselor looks out the window and frowns, "They will stop you, you know that. Their armies outnumber your own two to one." The Shadow nods, "Yes. They
  16. Okay. The Shadow Court. LOLcat style. http://lolinator.com/lol/www.shadowcourt.co.uk/ I think "Who R shadow" is best
  17. source As the crowd dispersed at the Luna Fireworks show last night, there was a mysterious ghost on the stairs (on Lake Superior.) His name was The Shadow [shad]. Passersby tried to rez him but he vanished. When he reappeared everyone could hear his words instead of the ooOOooOOo of the usual departed. He told us we should embrace the Anti-Virtues and sign a book he had with him. I tried to take pics of all he said, but I missed a few. He said "Soon the Stygian Abyss will be opened." "And the fires you see tonight will pale in comparison!" "For soon all that is good in the realm will com
  18. A letter sealed with wax bearing the emblem of a silver crescent moon and a sword is left marked for Guardsman Micah in the Trinsic Barracks. OOC-You can reach me via icq on 164413512 or send me a pm.
  19. VOID SHADOW WAS DEFEATED ON CHESAPEAKE AT 9:35 PM ET, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2006 ======================================= The information Below is for Reference for other shards in the Realm and for future battles calling for great organization. The consolidated information will be archived on www.paxlair.com and stay on Stratics Chessy Board for as long as their services allow it. Please keep this Stickied until other shards have completed their battles. - Winfield But First, some Victory Images: ======================================= I am starting this thread to consolidate al
  20. Just to let people know... The Court is very quiet at the moment; Muldran is caught up in real life stuff, and some of the others are waiting for the Kingdom to finish its' birthing pains. The Court may be in a holding pattern, but we've been quiet before, and come through the other side once more, so for those that are watching us, I'm certain we'll be back, and on the edge of things once again. In the meantime, there are some around who are keeping the Candle burning... signed, Mul.
  21. Jakar

    Shadow Dancers?

    Anyone know what the current price for selling Shadow Dancer Legginings is?
  22. Hello Id very much like to join Shadow Court guild. I have a character in BoC, and ive previously been in KT,OSS and OIL I have a long experience in RPing in UO. I have an archer/necromancer that needs a suitable RP guild. Hope I am eligible for recruitment. ICQ : 71163310
  23. Here's a collected place for information on all of the people and guilds we interact with. It's easier to keep this up to date - and let people know any encounters that go especially well (or not!) with others...
  24. I heard shadow elementals are good to train your dogs on, can someone tell me where they spawn? I cant find them anywhere =/
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