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Found 8 results

  1. As stupid as a pig can be, I was scammed twice by 2 persons in 1-2 months time. Why is it so difficult to be honest? I guess it is just human nature to be greedy. The first case happened on Nov 30th when I agree to buy 2 accounts for USD 250 from this person. It was really a very fast transaction as he said he really needed the money in 2 days. Like a pig, I believed him. I gotten him to send me an invoice for the transaction which include his real life name, address, and telephone. As usual, I had all the ICQ conversations recorded. After the money was sent, I gave him the MTCN via ICQ then
  2. Not sure if this has been happening on other shards but the last couple of days theres been a player on Atlantic whose using an old scam to either make someone destroy there Crimmy or drop it on the ground this old scam involves them telling peeps they know of a bug that can put extra mods on there Crimmy. He first parties someone and begins to tell him he's so and so alt so seems he does abit of research on peeps guild members. He then tells you of the supposed bug which basically entails you putting your item in a wood crate and axing the crate now I havent fallen for this so not sure if thi
  3. posted to UO Herald by Jeremy Dalberg 26 Sep 2007 13:14:14 EST I've gotten word that some people are claiming to be me and giving a gmail address and asking for various information from players. This is NOT me - please do not be fooled. Any request for information via email from an employee is going to come from an @ea.com address. (that's jdalberg AT ea DOT com for me)
  4. After I got the email, I logged onto my paypal account and found it wasn't suspended at all. If you scroll over the "click here to verify your information" it links to "www.paypal.net.ve" I already forwarded it and reported it to paypal.
  5. ok.. im not sure if i should be worried or if someone is just trying to scam me.. this morning i check my mail and find 4 transactions from my paypal account... i flip.. i havn't used it in a while and all the transactions are for Ipods totalling around 1k.. I run to my antivirus and start a check.. I run to paypal and change the password, and i change the password on the email... then.. I look at my account summary.. it doesn't mention any of these transactions.. yes, i went to paypal.com not any of the links in the email.. anyway.. the emails look very authentic, but the account page doe
  6. All, Just received this in an email from "PayPal". I haven't used my PayPal account in a while so I knew it must be a scam but I logged into PayPal (not through the link provided) and checked out my account status and there was no activity on it since the last time I logged in. Beware PayPal will never send you an email with a link to log into you account in it. If you get an email from anyone with a link to log into a site from it don't use the link and go you the link you have for the site instead. If you log in through the link you will be giving the "phisher/scammer" all the info the
  7. Courtesy of Stratics - http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=6860590&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=186&fpart=1 Helpful Hints to Help Keep Your Accounts and Computer Secure Passwords Always use different passwords for forums, paypal, ebay, uo and email. Never use passwords that have anything to do with you or your life, such as the names of family members, pets, birthdates 'etc. Never give your passwords out. Even if you trust someone 110%, your password is only protected as much as their computer is. Even if they are completely trustwor
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