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Found 24 results

  1. Greetings Everyone, I am a returning player to the game, and after getting familiar with what has changed in the last five years, going on 6, I have started to realized what i missed about the game so much. So after getting everything back together (mostly character gear and most of the Game changes) I have decided to see If I could bring back to life an Role playing guild. Going off the Order and Chaos battle system, I have met up with some players who also have been participating in role playing and see that it is still very much alive. So I wanted to see how many other players wo
  2. I wish to invite all our friends from PaxLair to our first official Roleplay Tavern Night, tomorrow evening at 10PM EST.
  3. Greetings, Citizens of Britannia. Are you looking for a bit of roleplay, but can't seem to find other roleplayers to interact with? Would you like to watch the roleplaying community in action, and see what this unique and immersive playstyle is all about? Would you like to watch as Cymidei Fier and the Duchess of Dawn engage in a drunken cat fight? Mreow! Well now that I have you're attention, The Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance would like to invite you to the first of many upcoming Roleplaying Tavern Nights. Our first event kicks off this Thursday at 7PM PST. Who: The Baja Rolep
  4. If found this on another site and although I do not agree with all of his ideas, there is some very good roleplay information here. **Length Warning!** It is incredibly long so if you do not want to read all of it, just skim through it and pick out what you do. I. What is Roleplay? In my opinion, roleplay is where the player acts out his character on a more interactive level. He or she engages in the world around them and formulate decisions based on what the character wishes to do, or not to do. It is taking the out of player's personal feelings out of the character's decision making p
  5. With our new structure in place, we are now ready to start recruiting again, Lord Gendin will be heading the recruitment and will be the person to go to in matters of recruitment. Are you a player on the Europa shard and want to join, then you can contact Lord Gendin on ICQ 345485202, previous experience with roleplaying is not mandatory! Please be sure to take a look at our " How to Join " page
  6. If you are interested in the Guardsmen Militia please contact any of the following Command members: Bladius Dart - 125548430 Radek Wilkes - 195195395 Sineal Walker - 132135147
  7. I'm not a baja players myself, but I visited for the event today. Are there any good aligned RP guilds about?
  8. If you are interested in the Guardsmen Militia please contact any of the following Command members: Bladius Dart - 125548430 Radek Wilkes - 195195395 Sineal Walker - 132135147
  9. If you are interested in the Guardsmen Militia please contact any of the following Command members: Bladius Dart - 125548430 Radek Wilkes - 195195395 Sineal Walker - 132135147
  10. I was thinking about it the other day, how certain in-game events got me started in roleplaying and kept me hooked. What got you roleplaying initially? For me, it was the player town of Rivendell. In many ways, the town was OOC. They hung out in the tavern and chatted about television, movies, family, work, and school. They did events like dungeon crawls and pvp tournaments. However, every now and then, they would do some roleplay-themed events. The first one I participated in was the kidnapping of the town mayor by a group known as the minion. These sneaky creatures would pop out of hidding
  11. Spellweaving's Dryads Allure is quite a fun spell and leads to some interesting writing for characters and their humanoid followers. In many of our stories, we portray this spell as more of a friendship than a charm. If that is the case, however, how does one speak for these intelligent followers. The simple solution is to use Emoting. Most of the charmed creatures or hired henchmen follow in the wake of the players. Emoting their speech or actions is as simple as hitting the colon key and a space. Thus if Amenilia and her Arctic Ogre Friend, Gorgat, are having a conversation with Sharo
  12. I've often found that I am inspired by reading about the events and clever ideas other roleplayers have used in-game. To that end, I thought I'd start a thread to share some ideas and props that I've used in events. My hope is that others will post here as well and contribute their own clever ideas. To begin, I thought I'd start with something simple and easy that I use and that's a bag dyed true black. One use for these dyed bagballs are as a hole in the ground like so: I've used it to represent a shallow grave where I placed the remains of an unknown adventure (obtained from Ant
  13. One of my favourite things about Europa is the amount of Role-Playing that goes on within the community. I recently started an archer and would like to put him into a RP Guild. While I love the fact that Role-Playing Rules have been able to be agreed upon on a shardwide basis I'm a little confusimigated.... When reading the rule's I came across certain thing's you can and can't do in RPvP, which makes perfect sense otherwise RP guild's would be no different than your average PK Guild. But when it comes to the parts about magical item's I'm a little stumped. If trotting along on your own,
  14. I'll be RPing a troll with the polymorph spell, and am particularly interested in RPing with the orcs. If anybody wants to RP with me ingame, my ICQ is 416063353 . Edit: I'll just RP a lizardman spirit who made an agreement with Perryn that lets his form take over Perryn's body and personality.
  15. Hi all, Let me start by explaining where I'm coming from. I have never roleplayed in UO but have in other MMORPGS and I have done the original roleplaying of D&D etc. Right thats a little bit of background out the way. I am/was interested in starting a roleplaying character, I done some research on the various guilds on my shard (Europa) and looked at each of the websites and took some pointers on how RP seems to work on UO. Let's just say I was completly shocked. It seems that the RP in this game isn't RP at all. It's just a lot of people that like to say they RP (and by RP I mean the
  16. Copied from the UO Stratics - Baja Shard Subforums Greetings Everyone! Before I get to the main point of this thread, I would like to take a quick moment to introduce myself explain what it is I hope to do. My name is Donavan, although I have been known by a plethora of other fictional aliases throughout my years and many journeys through the lands of Sosaria – Malthonian, Kellindil, Kessell, Kain Stormraven, Lain Hammer, and most recently Vash the Harper. It was nearly six years ago now that I had the pleasure of stumbling upon this amazing game and eventually discovering just how simply
  17. Curious as to everyone's opinion here - What North American (No offense to European or Asian shards - just a time zone issue) shard would you consider the best for roleplaying? Not in the most numerous, but quality wise, types of RPers there, etc. Please don't treat this as a poll and just name a shard, I want to know why you would think the shard would be preferable over others if possible. The RP aspect is what drew me to UO in the first place, and since I just reactivated my account, I thought I'd like to give it a go again. Thanks!
  18. Role-playing Games Evolution. The Black Cauldron Tandy computers. From Sierra. Based very loosely on the movie (which was based on a series of fantasy novels). The player character was Taran the Pig Keeper. The game starts pretty simple: you have to feed your pig. After the pig is fed, it reveals that it can have certain visions while in a state of hypnosis. This is your first glimpse of the Horned King. Taran’s mentor, Dalben, sends him to take the pig to a safe house. After doing this, you pretty much can go wherever you want in the game world and collect as many items as you wish. The in
  19. Hi, i've just reached a nice point with my new tamer so that i can use him in RP PvP. Our rules are that you can only have pets taking 1 slot, and only two in any battle. I would like to know what the best creature would be...Escaflowne swears by Hellcats, but i dont know enough about training pets to understand which can be the best 1slotted creature once trained!
  20. The Tournament of Champions Date time and location for event: the event will begin on March 17th at 10:00pm est. in Chesapeake shard Paxlair felucca. All armor is gm to make it fair and also if raided the cost is small for all contestants it is not advised to have them insured as this will forfeit gold encouraging the raid further also further note that great bracelets and rings should not be worn. This is for your protection you will be in felucca and subject to red invaders though we hope that they will leave us in peace and maybe participate in the events. All are welcome to join. Ge
  21. A jointly-authored article on roleplaying communities in UO originally published in the British gaming magazine Flagship about a year ago had also been posted on the old f4g ooc forum. Since the old f4g forums irretrievably crashed I luckily kept a backup copy of the article so have been able to repost it here.
  22. First published in the gaming magazine Flagship Issue 116 November/December 2005 pp.40-41. This article was put on the old f4g Councillor's Guild Forum with the agreement of the editor. Since the old f4g site crashed it is re-posted here. Online Roleplaying Communities: the collaborative element in MMORPGs Jim Kemeny and Janet Savage Globetrotter?s article in Issue 115 On Screen: the competitive element in MMORPGs is certainly correct to point out the one-sided emphasis on fighting skills in this genre and the intense competitiveness it involves. Most players play for the thrill of explo
  23. Join us every Saturday at 7pm CST/ 8pm EST for an evening in your favorite character. We are meeting at the Haven Tavern so bring your best tale, or grouchiest curmudgeon. No previous experience required. Drinks are on the house! Hope to see you there. The Roleplaying Community of Lake Superior
  24. Here are some links that may be on interest to anyone interesting in RP and RP stories. If you have a link to add, please PM me and I will add it to the list Roleplaying Information & Tips Newbie's Surviving Guide to Roleplay Character Bio Sheet Grey Company's Roleplaying an Elf Orc Roleplaying UO Stratics Intro to Roleplaying RP Stories Roleplaying: Stories
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