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  1. Greetings... I am pondering a return to UO after years off. Kept my old account, just haven't played. I am looking for a good, fun, mature guild that is actually somewhat active that is interactive in having an old n00b :-) I have a melee character and a tamer that was my main claim to fame. Cheers, Moi
  2. Greetings... A player from 1999-2005, I am pondering a return to UO after years off. Kept my old account, just haven't played. My characters are on the Atlantic shard, but no one seems to respond on that shard's forums, so maybe time for a character transfer to a more active shard. I am looking for a good, fun, mature guild that is actually somewhat active that is interactive in having an old n00b :-) I have a melee character and a tamer that was my main claim to fame. Cheers, Moi
  3. Just a reminder that tomorrow(Oct 16, 2009) is the Last Day for Return to Britannia 2009. You still have a day left to log in with that old, deactivated account.
  4. It seems they have the Return to Britannia promotion going right now. I was able to login to my inactive accounts, so for those who want to login and have a look around, let them know they can do so now.
  5. Hello all i was wondering if uo has offered a old school based server yet. Something around pub 17 at the latest. I played uo from beta to about aos release and quit due to new content i didnt care for. Then i bought ummm i think it was kingdom reborn? Not 100% sure tried that and ya it wasnt something i enjoyed either. Mainly im looking to know if they offer old school shards or if pking is still active in the game or do you only get to pk skilled players instead of random lumberjacks and miners in the woods by brit? Well if someone would let me know id much appericate it.
  6. It had been...well...not entirely what he had expected. How many 'mirror worlds' had he visited now? The number become meaningless. Every time he activated a portal via the 'Book', a new facet of the world he had just left appeared. In one he was nobody, another a villain, then a prince, a serf, a hero...and so it goes on. Even those he had met before changed from what he had known, the mighty become low, the low became mighty. Even his beloved Calluna changed personalities, titles and demeanor each time. It was good though, on the vast majority of the worlds he visited he was generally unknow
  7. Fiction on UO Herald and some posts on Stratics here: Meeting wityh Nathan Hawke Thursday 6th - Stratics Forums
  8. Thank you for all the great times, I have truly enjoyed being a part of the Knights Templar. Due to financial difficulties and a much needed move I will no longer be able to participate in game. I will try to keep everyone informed as to my situation on here till the time comes where like General Macarthur I do return.
  9. *a runner is sent to all towns on tonights meet, with warnings*
  10. The cease fire is now over militia! Tonight we return to do battle with the Chancellor and his followers! All militia are required to gather at the Militia HQ at 8pm GMT in correct uniform and supplied for battle! I expect to see yer all there and remember yer training! When? Tuesday 8pm GMT Where? Gather outside HQ -Escaflowne
  11. Mischief awoke to the sound of waves hitting the cliffs. Alone in a backroom of her friends home, one she used rarely so that her friend would not be compromised. It was late morning, unusual for her as she always rose early. She lay listening to the waves and the myriad of sounds that the sea brought. She closed her eyes again; she was tired – tired both physically and mentally. As she lay in that unreal zone between sleep and wakefulness she reflected on the past weeks. She was tired, she told her friend that last night, an admission she would never normally make. You’re letting your guard
  12. I decided the big problem with the arena before was its location: Fel. Most people don't go there & the ones who do wouldn't bother paying money to PVP in a tourney if they could do it for free. I wanted an 18 by 18 but managed to build a respectful-looking one with a 16 by 16. It's probably a template for now. I don't if I'll sell it or not. Maybe just ally with a guild. Because it's Trammel I'll have to form a couple guilds who would war each other allowing people to PVP one-on-one in Tram, er, Malas.
  13. I returned to the wonders of Sosaria about 4 or 5 monthes ago after a long time off (AoS launch 2003). I started to reinvigerate my charactors on my home shard (Lake Austin) in kind. Just today I decided to check out the other shards to see if I had charactors on them as well. To my surprise I had a charactor on Atlantic. I then decided to log him in and see what what his stats where. To my utter shock he was still in young status. After 5 years in game I still had a young charactor. After about an hour or so in New Haven I raised his skills to the point of being a full fledge member of the g
  14. *Poster Placarded in all town of Britannia*
  15. Im thinking about starting to play a bit again, what is happening in UO that would be worth trying out(the last expansion was poor imo) atm and are people still pvping on europa?
  16. This afternoon, I was continuing my research of the surviving Magincia texts with help from Jexa, whose insight into ancient vampiric texts is proving quite helpful. Our conversation roamed from ancient languages to immortal beings (of which she is one), and drifted into my previous research of the Death Knights. For those of you who are unaware, of the original nine Death Knights, only one, Daine, is known to have escaped the darkness and return to mortality. She lives quietly in PaxLair city once more, though she is much changed. Jexa informed me, to my great surprize, that Lord Rhydian,
  17. *Poster Placarded in all town of Britannia*
  18. Send Your Name to the Moon ... *deadline is June 27, 2008
  19. Since after our last failed attempt at capturing Empath abbey, which there was only three Vesparian Militia attending! Three! This time we will try to take their Mill, and i expect to see many more of you there this time! Come armed, armored and ready for a battle in correct uniform! When? Tuesday 8:45pm BST/UK Time Where? Gather outside Swaggers -Escaflowne
  20. *Poster Placarded in all town of Britannia*
  21. Hi there citizen of the greatest server of all! Catskills. I'm a very happy guy a.t.m after receiving a mail from EA saying they found my 10 year old Ultima Online account! :eusa_clap: I haven't played since year 1998-1999 somewhere so I know a lot is changed. I was one of Sandralene's many friends back then if anyone remember her. Even though a lot of people is flaming about allot of the new stuff in this game, I feel like giving it a try. Though I'm way behind, so any tips and tricks would help me allot! My thoughts: First of all I would need to make some cash for house, equipment
  22. Children, This eve' I return to thee from Britain with two further servants of Avatar; Father Sallust and Sister Edith. With orders from Templar Preceptor Sir Hugo we hath returned to douse the recent spurs of heresy and wytchcraft that stalk thy land; a start was made 'pon arrival with a cleansing of Honesty this eve', as the Church and Army joint as one force under the banner of Avatar crusaded through Deceit, mercilessly slaying all manner of monsters from the Abyss, as they hath slain many innocent warriors within. Attendees: Sergeant Hoagie - Leader Watchman Justice Watchman Takeama
  23. May be a bit longer than expected. Looking at Monday the 19th as my earliest return date.
  24. *Poster Placarded in all town of Britannia*
  25. *Poster Placarded in all town of Britannia*
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