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Found 20 results

  1. Hello all - In a way, I'm very sad that they changed the drop rate of the new cloak in the Abyss. Can anyone confirm that the darn things are still dropping? I've killed the fellow that drops them a dozen times now, with no luck. Thanks- ~M
  2. Hello All - I don't often get to post here anymore. I try to maintain a positive attitude, but I'm incredibly frustrated with this version of ToT. UO has a bad habit of encouraging scripters. This iteration of ToT, unfortunately, created a new chase rare with a discouragingly low drop rate. Granted, I didn't start actively participating in the event until last week (silly beta test)...but I've now gotten almost 100 ToTs without a mempo. The casual player needs to rely on an admittedly flawed RNG, while scripters take the safest spots in Tokuno and farm 24/7. There doesn't seem to b
  3. for those who know WOW gold values, what would a fair exchange rate for UO gold to WOW gold be? I know someone who plays both games and wants to trade me his wow gold (of which I have very little) for my UO gold (of which I have mountains). Only thing is, neither of us know what would be a fair rate. Any help?
  4. I decided to use up some valuable gems to try and make some great jewelry. I have a GM Tinkerer and a talisman with +23 tink, +20 exceptionla tink. Here is what I made, and I think it is mostly junk. Are these salable? Ecru Citrine Ring: --heal+7, LRC 7%, enh. pot. 50%, cold resist 4% --SDI 11%, Strenght +6 --res. spell +7, str +7, SDI 5%, energy res 13% --str +7, fc +1, cold res 5% Brilliant Amber Bracelet --SDI 4%, LRC 9% (grrrrrr) Blue Diamond Ring: --Nec +6, luck 68, fcr 2, poison res 7% --Heal +13, nec +9, str +5, LRC 10% --eval int +7, fcr 1, lrc 10% --dci 7%, fcr 2
  5. so I just built a new suit for my tamer, wondering how it stacks up to the suits of others out there: every item slot is taken except for apron, so a crimmy could be added. No stats are on the robe, so it could be switched out for something too, and a boomstick is the weapon used. Resists 70 70 70 70 70 DCI 41 LMC 33 LRC 100 3/6 casting SDI 6 STR+4 INT+5 Mana+15 Stam +7 MR 7 HPR 3 taming +30 Lore +15 all medable and human-wearable Pads of Cu Sidhe for human to ride a dog
  6. In the past few months, I've done probably 60 or 70 champ spawns all the way through. I've gotten at least 70-80 SoTs, and spent who knows how many hours doing said champ spawns. In all that time, I have gotten *1* replica -- and it's one of the worst ones too (the Djinni's Ring). Is this normal? Or an incredible streak of bad luck? I want to know if I should give up on champs, cause it really doesn't seem worth it to finish spawns if that's a normal drop rate (levels 1 & 2 are always worth it, cause they're easy, and SoTs actually drop faster than in the later levels).
  7. so I gave in and came back for a bit.. dug through all my spare parts and came up with this suit, tell me what you think.. bad, so-so, good, great, whatever. The character who uses this suit is 120 magery, eval, meditation, necro, spirit speak, and resist DCI 28 HCI 11 LRC 101 LMC 43 2/6 casting sdi 10 int+8 dex+5 magery +9 hpr 2 mr 8 hpi+5 si+7 mi+7 resists 65 68 65 70 70 this suit includes a shield but no weapon, so a one-handed weapon or spellbook can be added in (remember +9 magery to help compensate for a mage weapon). It uses a vet robe for the physical but has no crimson
  8. Mark Trail started a discussion in http:// this thread The Sicarii quest is not done until you get 10 gossamers to spin the big web. By my calculation that takes 5-10 hours of just sitting there in Sicarii's room waiting for drones to spawn in the corners: Sitting in one corner, a set of drones came about every 15 minutes. Sometimes one of the drones had a gossamer, sometimes none. And sometimes another player was faster and killed all the drones first. That worked out to one gossamer per hour for me. Don't say, "Learn to kill them faster. Run around to all 4 corners." This is a zero s
  9. UOKR will be 5 months old, come November 28th, so we're now doing a poll on what you guys and girls think of the client, in general So, what do you think of UOKR now it's been gold for 5 months?
  10. Is it any better than weapons and armor? I'm looking to enhance with ash on bows that already have 20+ swing speed.
  11. So here is how this will work, you will rate the song 1/10 - 10/10 of the song from the post above you... Then post another link to a song for the next person to rate.. So I will start with the first song.. [video=youtube;hRc9rNDZOCE]
  12. Yesterday Sarsmi asked ...can we talk about getting the spawn adjusted so it is faster as a benefit to hunting in fel? It's so agonizingly slooow now that I keep wishing a pk would show up and put me out of my misery. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fayled Dreams wondered hehehehe .... well ... hehehe .... k ... ... are ya still getting the proper double resources ? ~~~~ I think so,[replies Sarsmi I killed a harpy earlier and got 100 feathers. I think that's double from what it normally is? ~~~~~~ Lilac Crypt racked her brain to try remember some thing she had seen posted. See,
  13. 1 being poor, 5 being excellent. This is a general poll, so vote on the client in general.
  14. Does anyone know what people typically charge for taming a fire beetle these days?
  15. Interesting. . .(obviously this comes from a bean counter friend of mine) A 2006 study found that the average Canadian walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found that Canadians drink an average of 22 gallons of beer a year. That means, on average, Canadians get about 41 miles per gallon."
  16. A valid point is made by this poster in UO U Hall .......Anyway, here goes what i wanted to get off my chest: The drop rate of the Alacrity Scrolls is so redicolously low to the point that it's not even worth trying, because You can end up using what little freetime You have and still get 0. Sure I have been getting some in the last week, but I've wasted all days, evenings, nights until the point that i have neglected my family and sleep. Still on a good day I get maximum 3 scrolls and some of those on very uselfull skills like Taste ID or Forensic Evaluation. The last 24 hrs I have g
  17. source taken from UOHall posted by Orvago Administrator UO Forum Administrator Okays, I'm noticing alot more problems being reporting with reguards to "Book of Truth?" drop rates, so lets use this thread to report such problems so that EA/Mythic can see them and investigate if it is needed. Even if your not having problems, feel free to share your info so they might be able to pin point the problem. When reporting, please try and be as specific as possible. Please give the following details: * What Dungeon(s) were you fighting in? * Which Facet(s) were you fighting in? * Ho
  18. OMG...... Tonight I resumed armslore training at 88.6. I watched two movies and at the end I rose to only 95.0. I will admit that I wedged the key but I was watching the screen (mostly.) That is a very low skill rate gain. Can you imagine trying to raise it by "playing" the game? Aaarg..... I am raising Armslore and Item ID in case one day they become useful. Soulstone frags for the win!
  19. Greetings, i was wondering if folks could please post the Going Rate of a "Shard Transfer Token" On your Shard. Thank you For your time. Scott
  20. This is extremely long, so I wouldn't recommend reading, unless you have alot of patience! A new H5N1 bird flu mutation with a 91% fatality rate in humans appeared this month: between March 1 and March 24 of 2006, the WHO reported 12 new H5N1 cases with 11 deaths. By comparison, H5N1’s fatality rate was 50% in 2004 and 2005 with a total of 131 new cases and 66 deaths. The new virulently fatal Asian H5N1 mutation creates a second genetic track for H5N1 to spread easily from human-to-human. It is spreading through Asia, Europe and Africa and is expected to enter North America with migratory bi
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