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Found 16 results

  1. Hello. I mean this in the most light-spirited way... I've decide to join UO again after not playing since 2000... and something about UO bugs me and takes the fun out of the game. Here's my rant: So I decided to start a character in Siege Perilous* (i like the challenge), but the people there... are just too charitable! Since the vendors of Siege Perilous do not buy from players, I decided to sell to the players reagents. People use reagents right? I tried selling them for low prices but there were no mages at the time. So a guy chats me up and decides to lecture me about making money and t
  2. So, we are all supposed to be trying to save petrol etc for the environment right? heh Well, we have two cars, I work in the same town as my partner and parents in law but as I work shifts I am unable to travel with my partner who has to drop the kids at school as I have to start real early. My parents in law travel real early so I was for one week going with them, it just meant they had to leave 15 mins earlier than usual. As you know petrol is not exactly cheap and running two cars is expensive as well, but as I have to work really late sometimes it is the only option, also having kids etc
  3. Why is it that people have to continously wait for someone in factions to steal a sigil to start the invasion? Here it is sunday evening and the invasion only happened on Saturday morn. Wish it was turned on auto for hte weekend or something. If you are in a faction, PLEASE GO STEAL A SIGIL SOMEWHERE!!
  4. Before I get flamed to oblivion I would like to state that i have a tamer,and I am very happy with my overpowered pets,pwn-a-everything GD and my magnificent protection self invis spam key,and my army of packhorses to strip loot IDOCS clean,i thank thee Right with this said,lets move on the subject.. UO has suffered severe BALANCE issues for a long time now,wherever you look at,there is archer mages,archer tamers,archer samurais,mage tamers,mage necros,mage bards,bard tamers,shall I go on? Lets face it,whether you want to accept it or not,the best advise for a newbie who starts a warrior no
  5. Rant ahead: if you're not in the mood to read one, leave this thread (though I'm not sure why you clicked it in the first place!) So, I was in Twisted Weild taming cu sidhes. One other person was taming. Two pups were paragon, and two were tamable. Things were fine for a while, as I took turns with - let's call her "Sally" (not her actual name). After 10 or so minutes, Sally noticed that I was taming 10 pups to her 1. (I suspect her slow tame rate was a combination of low skill and poor technique - a sloppy combination of invising, paralyzing, and peacing). Apparently, Sally was no dummy
  6. Okay, I know both sides have their share of immaturity but dare I say it, because Allys outnumber Horde on BWR by 2:1, there literally are more idiots over there rofl... anyhoo... So my Belf's skipping through the grass at Hillsbrad on my lvl 24 lock, testing out the class after I heard so many great things about. Found a bear to kill for this quest, go running towards it and start attacking. OUT OF NO WHERE here comes a "lvl ??" Nefl Hunter by the name of Huntaro, drops a snaketrap on me. As the snakes come out, I somehow become FLAGGED and so the lvl ?? gets his kicks by killing a
  7. Ugh, is it just me or does work get in the way of a guys gaming schedule Grrrrr!!! I've been on 9 and 10 hour days for the past 3 weeks and they won't say firm on what they want us working at my job. I mean for god sake if you're going to give the overtime then give it don't !!!!! foot with it so it screws everyone's sleeping habits and personal time at home up. Not to mention they've been having us work Saturdays the last 3 weeks cause they need the production.......But the whole reason we're working 9 and 10 hour shifts is so we don't have to work Saturdays.....anyone else seeing a probl
  8. In my opinion EA needs to make an Ultima Online game but make it offline with a LAN/internet feature. Make it so that everything is customizable. Maps, buildings, houses, spawn, UI, items, characters, pvp/pvm systems, gaining systems, stats, skills, everything. Let people make their worlds, their own armor, monsters, etc. and set it as their own server, don't even make it an authorization thing, just do it. That will give people what they want, so paying players can basically do what ______ shards are doing now and run things the way they wish, take out what they wish, add what they wis
  9. Don't mind me... got to rant I can not figure it out... I been trying to do this for YEARS and still I have NOT a clue why or how it won't work! See the font in my signature banner? the one that says Ultima Online Forums? That font that most people probably can't read? Well I want my computer in that font.. start button, menu list, or whatever in that and it will not display it for an option to choose but yet... Walt Disney font can be shown *sigh* Anyone know how to do this? to get it to show up even in internet options? everytime I select it and hit apply it just defaults back to somethi
  10. I was looking over the various reading glasses, and stats versus difficulty to obtain. SInce all require the same amount of points, difficulty IMO is based on how hard the resources are to gather, or cost. For the comparison, I was looking at JC's UOguide site (love that chart JC!)(wish I knew how to put the page in here instead of a link) http://www.uoguide.com/Reading_Glasses For obtaining the glasses http://www.uoguide.com/Britain_Library_Collection Now, my rant. From the flavor of the names, one is given the impression that the glasses awarded will somehow complement that skill group.
  11. Guest

    My rant for today

    Ok, in the Air Force, we have Physical Fitness Assessments every year. 3 years ago, they implimented a new program, where they do a abdomninal measurement, 1.5 mile run, situps, and pushups test on you. They add the scores up and you pass, fail, or get a marginal(meaning you retest in 3 months) Well.... 3 months ago, I had to do mine. I was currently under treatment for a neck injury and a tumor in my back, and could not run, so I had to do the stupid bicycle test, where they strap a monitor to your heart and you fail, cause the system sucks and has been flawed for YEARS. I went from a passing
  12. We were given something labeled a "plot", a "scenario" and told to follow it, and like the good little players we are, we logged into our beloved game, now approaching 9 years of age, and bumbled about & around as many of us tend to do, searching for clues, exploring, trying to learn more... Very little was actually presented to us in a manner that would have made it much more enjoyable, but still we continued. We probably spent more time on forums trying to track down Inu, Yrigor and the others, as well as their intents and machinations, than we did in-game. Because of how it was presen
  13. Guest

    Another Rant

    Welp since I made no personal attacks in my last Rant, and since I was unable to reply to some msgs...... I would like to say that the IRL harassment continues in game. The players in question have resorted to naming their swamp dragon the real life name of the person's family memeber they harassed. This is yet another TOS violation. Anyway, almost everyone that argued about what I was saying in my last rant failed to make any counterpoints. Its disappointing to read something that you proved with such great points, then have someone reply with something redudant that you have already made
  14. Guest

    Yay I can RANT!!

    We need a forum that will allow us to vent and talk about heated subjects without deleting our posts while communicating the info to the whole UO community. Some things are disturbing. We need a forum that will let us post things that arent friggin' role playing, and shard events, and how to make up a song so you can mine ingots all day without getting bored. Not everything in UO is sunshine and pixie dust. Things can go wrong and we should be able to talk about it. The 70's are over. Someone forgot to tell that to other sites, (I won't be naming here). One of our members is being harassed
  15. I have pmed and gotten no responce so far. Can someone please direct me the the rant section? Thanks!:-/
  16. Well, for a brief update. I'm pissed as hell. Ya'll know about my ex husband. About how I had to go to that stupid meeting with the child support people. Everything was agreed upon and should have been taken care of, and that would be that. But nnooooooooo. My ex husband has decided to be a dick. All he had to do was get a sheet of paper notarized, and returned to the attorney general office and it would have been taken care of. Instead, he refused to sign the paper, and now is being a total ass about it. So, I have to get all this stuff notarized and sent back in to the AG offi
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