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Found 15 results

  1. Excellent article about being aware of bogus & fake malware alerts. The ultimate guide to scareware protection | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
  2. After reading the announcement that Battle.net accounts can now be protected with an additional layer of security via an iPhone, and not to mention the fact you can get a SecurID key fob for your WoW account, does UO need something similar, even if it were offered as an *option* for another dollar or few a month?
  3. Did I miss something in the last pub notes? I used to have Protection on my PvM Mage all the time. Casted it years ago and all was fine. Now, when I die Protection is gone and I have to cast it again. This has caused me quite a few fizzle-related deaths.
  4. When using protection from the Justice virtue, can one person be protected by more than one person at a time? Also, vise versa can one person protect more than one person at a time? I know you can get 12 scrolls from a champ boss (6 from drops and 6 from protection), but didn't know if there was a limit of how many people can be protected at one time. Thanks
  5. This is truly terrible. Visited over 60 times by social workers but they failed to protect him? Sends a shiver down my spine. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7726103.stm
  6. Looking to hire one of the best reds on Chessie for protection in Fel. Will only be for a couple hours. I know everyone claims bragging rights in Fel, but if someone could recommend someone to me, I would appreciate it. Bet ya never had a post like this one before. LOL!
  7. YouTube - Kung Fu Monkey
  8. found a 56% lich lord protection totem of the void last night and i'm curious know exactly what it does. if killer works like slayers, then is it a flat 56% damage reduction? that seems kind of overpowered thanks to anyone that can shed some insight.
  9. Useful in PvP? I know they're good for crowd control for PvM, but are they viable in BGs?
  10. Governor Winfield, After extensive inquiry and searching, Mayor Gareth has been located! Mayor Gareth is currently being protected at an undisclosed location due to attacks by hostile forces. Neira and Elaina are now being sought to evaluate the Mayor Gareth's health as directed. Mayor Gareth appears to be in a very weakened state. Sincerely, Lady CaT of Yew
  11. From what I have seen reported the Mayors office made no war upon the Necro Village of Kijustsu Anei. -The City Council has not been disband or recreated. -The district lines have not been changed. -The Laws of Kijustsu Anei have not been changed. Those words and phrases have been taken to heart. No changes have been made or officially announced about the Kijustsu Anei area. Mayor Gareth wishes for the city of PaxOku to be a place where all are welcome. It would seem those that walk the paths of virtue in the city are not welcome anywhere in the city. The Kijustsu Anei area has bee
  12. My mage/fisherman has been using the Protection spell and I am wondering if there is an alternative. If I do not use it, I can hardly get a spell cast without disruption. But it lowers her physical resistance and spell resist so much it sucks. :[
  13. I never PvPed before. But I'm currently building a mage that will have that potential now. Magery 110, (120 If I can find it.. no hurry now) Meditation 120 Magic Resistance 120? Eval Intl 120 Inscription 110 Poisoning 60 (Magery + Poison = 170 for Lvl3) Focus 50 (or whatever is left) I noticed all of the templates outlined for a PvPer has Magic Resistance 120. And that leads me to the question of protection. In PvM I rarely used Magic Resistance as I'd have protection on 24/7 to prevent the fizzle. Is it different in PvP?
  14. *A well written scroll is pinned on the board, attached is the Vikor family seal along with a purple and white ribbon* I hereby announce that the following citizens are placed under my direct protection whilst they are within the city walls of Trinsic. Katyana Keina Katina Anyone who is seen to be trying to influence these three towards crime or treat them with injustice shalt be dealt with serverally. This order will last until further notice. *Signed* Pierre Vikor Paladin of Honour.
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