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  1. GuardiansOku Community Playhouse Kijustsu Anei Village, PaxOku City August 31, 2009 The newly established GuardiansOku Community Playhouse presents "The True Orc & Savage War" Experience the early childhood of the Savage Sinhi and the Orc Tagguk. These two were the best of friends at the time. See what really caused the Savage and Orc war to happen. Travel back in time to a place of innocents for an amusing display of young savage and orc interaction. (This play is not about actual events. Dates for showings will be posted soon.)
  2. I wish to invite all our friends from PaxLair to our first official Roleplay Tavern Night, tomorrow evening at 10PM EST.
  3. Greetings, Citizens of Britannia. Are you looking for a bit of roleplay, but can't seem to find other roleplayers to interact with? Would you like to watch the roleplaying community in action, and see what this unique and immersive playstyle is all about? Would you like to watch as Cymidei Fier and the Duchess of Dawn engage in a drunken cat fight? Mreow! Well now that I have you're attention, The Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance would like to invite you to the first of many upcoming Roleplaying Tavern Nights. Our first event kicks off this Thursday at 7PM PST. Who: The Baja Rolep
  4. Magister Presents: “The Most Powerful Weapons in the Game.” I’m nearly a twelve year veteran of Ultima Online. You might safely say I’ve done or seen it all in this game. You might say that, but you’d be wrong. That’s the beauty of Ultima. What I have seen, however, is a good sampling of some of the best hunting techniques around. Given the endemic forum requests for super weapons or perfect templates, I thought I might feed the need to find The Most Powerful Weapon ™. (Plus, I haven’t really written a forum article in a while thanks to the new IT barriers in my place of work…)
  5. This coming Wednesday after the auction at about 8pm BST, Europa Auction & Events will be hosting our monthly Bovine Madness Event! The event consists of 3 games: Cow Tipping, Milk Stool Race and Barnyard Rumble. So if you'd like a chance to win a prize, please come and join us next Wednesday.
  6. Ello chucks, Tomorrow I will be hosting Europa Auction's 250th anniversary auction! So along with the usual auction, we will be holding a quest! The quest will start at about 8pm BST, so join us for fun and a chance to win some nice prizes! Hope to see some of you there! Ama Chuck
  7. Its not Youtube.. but it works exactly the same. http://www.own3d.tv/watch/6-vs-6-on-snowbourn,13438.html Watch in HD/HQ
  8. On Sunday, April 19th, from 1pm to 7pm Central Time (11am - 5pm PT ^ 2pm - 8pm ET) gather at the Royal Britannia Zoo in Moonglow and participate in the Taming of the Zoo. A community effort is being requested to help get the points needed to raise the zoo to the highest level which will bring the beautiful Silver Steed home. Our friendly EM Orc Lubku Gotugwak has resolved that when the Royal Zoo is filled to capacity she will help us in obtaining a permanent animal for our local petting zoo at the Luna Fairgrounds. *ohhhh perhaps a Silver Steed?? In showing Lubku where we stand for zoo
  9. This week, after the usual Europa Auction tomorrow night, we will be resurrecting our old event Bovine Madness in the basement of the auction house. This event will begin at around 8pm BST/9pm CET. We have three rounds, Cow Tipping, Milk Stool Racing and a Baryard Rumble to finish! Pets allowed for the Barnyard Rumble are Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Pigs and of course the ever important Cows! Hope to see you all tomorrow night - There are some nice prizes up for grabs!
  10. This week after the usual Europa Auction tomorrow night, we will be resurrecting our old event Bovine Madness in the basement of the auction house. This event will begin at around 8pm BST/9pm CET. We have three rounds, Cow Tipping, Milk Stool Racing and a Baryard Rumble to finish! Pets allowed for the Barnyard Rumble are Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Pigs and of course the ever important Cows! Hope to see you all tomorrow night - There are some nice prizes up for grabs!
  11. Where: Moraine's Palace, next to the Green Goblin taven in Cove When: Monday, 9th of March, starts at 7:30 Aye, tha's right lads an' lasses! Moraine be organisin' a grande cock fight I tells yer! Entrance fee one hundred coins Grand prize one thousand coins + Championship title If ye wish ter enter, bring yer cock an' pay th'entrance fee 15 minutes BEFORE the event sta'ts ey! O'course ye all be free ter place bets ey! House will be t'only one ter take t'em official bets, nay guarantees on bets ye place with folk other than our staff membe's I tel
  12. Really wasn't expecting anything so it was a very nice surprise! Now have to figure out what this is all about ... when I double click the throbbing heart .... write a poem ... preview cupid ... and then who to give my lovely throbbing heart to ... (oh yeah - My Valetine - Pops gets that ) ... love the pink basket too and of course the chocolate ....
  13. Just curious what you have all been given. I myself have gotten the horse, the candle from Bree and the Dwarven wall paper.
  14. Hello all - For those of us unable to access our accounts due to real life interference...please post screen shots and descriptions when they get released tomorrow! First person to do so will undoubtedly garner many "Thank you" clicks! ~M
  15. ( A Cross Shard Event!) Posted on Tuesday, November 25, 2008, 8:22 AM EST byAirmidCecht (GeneralNews)
  16. The Little People That Could Showing Friday July 18th at 9pm est. The Play is being written and will replace the "An Orc in love with..." which will show at another time. The play is a comedy and im sure most will get a laugh out of it and maybe a few offended but thats what a comedy is. Going into the uncomfortable issues and making fun of it.
  17. The Library's CrystalPoint Productions strikes again! At a cheerful running time of 8:28 (m:s), they proudly present "The Ghost of the Library", addressing a key time period in the Library of Knowledge's history and the untimely departure of the previous librarian. It also features two piano selections off of Rob Costlow's album Sophomore Jinx, and art by the talented M. We encourage anyone interested in helping investigate the latest spectral activity at the Library to contact us for more details. It is, after all, October and there are creepy things afoot. Please enjoy. We welcome fe
  18. The serene yet deadly beauty of Magincia beckons one and all to lay witness to the many wonders of the Carnival of Endless Summer! Allow us to entertain you, frighten you, amaze you! Feast your eyes upon the many wonders of Sosaria brought to you all in one place. ѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳѳ Behold…. Joe, the talented ferret… The Enchanted Princess and Prince, spellbound to sleep except for one cure… Tarot Card readings, if you dare… The killer chicken with his sharp beak… The small child and his unique pet… The amazing Magician wi
  19. This Thursday Night, May 10th at 9/8 CT The Battle Arena Presents BloodshedRedemption! On this night, the King of Inethria steps into the Arena gates to face long-time enemy Maximus Lozier. This mutual hatred came when Maximus Lozier threatened to invade Inethria and kill its townspeople. The outcast poet recently wrote his latest piece "Most Hated Man", in which he taunts the King and describes his life as the 'most hated man in Sosaria'. http://www.myspace.com/MaximusLozier The King claims to show no fear of Maximus Lozier's threats of a one-man invasion, but is very angry and is anxious
  20. This Friday night, The Battle Arena returns in its new location in Umbra, Malas as we present Medieval Mayhem. On this night the newly crowned Battle Arena Champion Maximus Lozier defends his title against Edmond Dantes, a fearsome undead warrior. This will be Maximus Lozier's first championship defense after defeating Edward Delinden in an open challenge match for the then unclaimed Battle Arena Championship. Earlier that night, Edmond Dantes was the first-ever winner of the Six Man Madness Battle Royal, which earned him a match for the Battle Arena Championship at Medieval Mayhem. Now, t
  21. Tonight-The Battle Arena Champion will be crowned, six men will battle for a championship match, a grudge will be settled, an open challenge answered, and women will mud wrestle... naked. You do not want to miss this historic event! inredmusic.com/battle for more details on this PvP event.
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