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Found 15 results

  1. Do I have to have an active AoC account to even just post questions on the forums?
  2. Is anyone else getting errors when posting YouTube videos, or copy/pasting HTML... then trying to Preview or Submit Post? Lately when trying to do either of these, the forum will hang up or lag. Sometimes the post will work, but quite often not. Sometimes it will timeout, and then get a database error. Trying to figure out if it's the forum or my PC. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. From UO Herald Customer Service ... *see here for more discussion on the topic ...
  4. Hey Adam - FYI, this has happened to me twice yesterday and once today. Write a post. Hit the post button. Browser attempts to download the PHP file that processes the posts, instead of running the file on the PHP engine on the server and posting. (I get a box confirming that I want to download the PHP file). It usually goes through the 2nd or 3rd time (I hit cancel on the download box, and hit post again). There are about 8,000 things that can cause this, but the root of it is that when the post button gets hit, the web server isn't recognizing PHP as a file type that it knows how
  5. Just wondering why it is that I can not post under the following section: Ultimate Online Forums > Ultima Online > Ultima Online Guilds & Player Run Towns > Origin. Is it locked for some reason? Or am I a noob and just missed the button that lets you post? :nono:
  6. This threat is for general talk and announcements for PaxOku City. This forum is OOC or IC if you like that is up to you. If you have an event/quest going on in the city you can post here. ~PaxOku Government
  7. As EA staff settle in their new offices questions begin to be asked. malice123 asks Now that UO is being worked on in VA. , does it mean we will not see many Dev posts ( Draconi ,Leurocian , or new guys) , as in Jeremy will be our only source of info? and soon enough a dev posted a reply Howdy all, Most of us just arrived this past week to VA. I actually arrived into the office today. I missed you all Patrick "Leurocian" Malott Lead Systems Designer, Ultima Online EA Mythic ~~~~ Well, welcome back Leurocian,a nice long break you have had there.Now get back to work and help start to
  8. Have a story to tell? Want to give your [character] a more in-depth background? This is the Place! Here's a few "Rules" for this forum. In-character stories ONLY (Role-playing). Stories can be fictional or actual in-game situations. This is NOT a news forum. Don't create unrealistic fiction about other people's characters, but you can use them within reason by knowing what those people's characters are like. Try to keep the threads clean for the Chapters. No need for "Great Story!!" comments. PM the author with praise. Two types of Story threads:Single (or few) Authors - Mainly for author
  9. I am an instructor in the navy. During my last class (which lasts three weeks), I was talking to some of my students (all senior enlisted) about free time. One mentioned that he played UO. OUt of curiosity, I asked him what shard. To my surprise, he replied "Baja of course". Since that is my old home, I HAD to ask him if he had ever heard of Paul Mart ( for those who do not know, Paul mart was a discount clearing house for high end items, and a HUGE library). He said "YOU are Paul B? Dude, we really need another store like yours around!!!" Never did I think that anything I did in the g
  10. http://www.nutcase.net/jackson_baby_drop.swf
  11. taken from Thread :- Devs haven't been posting much... what's up! found in UO.UHall Hey devs... just wondering what's up. Haven't seen a whole lot of dev posts lately. Are you guys uber busy with KR? If so, hows it going? What's your next planned landmark? Perhaps the next landmark is killing a player on a prod shard! lol really I'm just checking in on you guys to see how you're doing. ########################### First the holidays, now it's been getting back into the grind. Also I am certain KR is taking up more and more of their time, and they can't talk about that yet.
  12. source taken from UO.Europa I have an idea for crafting skills and have been debating where I should post it. The ideas den is for such things, i know this. But I want this idea to get as much attention, views, responses as it can. I have seen many dev. members posting here and responding to the posts here, it would be nice tohave a dev member check this idea out. I checked out the ideas den and not many view the posts there and not many post a response to the ideas already posted there. Just want to know if if I posted this idea here, would it get moved to Ideas den? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  13. OMG GREEEEFFF!!!11!! iM SECOUND IN THE FIRST FOUR!! Stop spamming adam! Id like to be first in at least one! :P :P :P
  14. Guest

    Posting Points

    Why do they keep dropping for me? before I had one thousand something, then they went back to 900, I had it at 956 yesterday and now its back to 600 something.
  15. A scroll lay on the counter before her. It's edges crisp and unhandled, she eyed it curiously. "It is done already?" "Aye Lady. Finished this morning." She mumbled a thanks and put the scroll delicately inside her pack. Scripture was never, nor would it be, her forte. Carrying the scroll across town she entered the empty hall. The echo of her footsteps was almost deafening. Removing and unrolling the pristine scroll, she pinned it to the bulletin board for all to read. Rules of this Hall 1. All posts must be made in Roleplaying (RP) format. 2. Out of Character (OOC) talk i
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